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Apple has created a Holiday Gift Guide 2017 which will enable users to make their last-minute purchase decisions and pick the best devices or accessories to go with them.

The holiday season is very close which will be celebrated with massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. However, the real holidays are in the end of December before which deals have started pouring in providing people more choices as well as discounts that will enable them to buy everything they desire for their loved ones.

The gift guide created by Apple focuses on their most recent and top of the lines products for those who are capable of gifting by spending some whopping sum of money. After all, the center stage on the official website is now occupied by none other than the iPhone X which costs $1000 off-contract. So, purchasing it on a cellular network’s yearly plan is the only way to go about it.

Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 with Special Watch, iPhone and Accessories

While the flagship smartphone forms the center piece of holiday’s gift guide, there are lots of other accessories and gadgets to go for. The company is strongly pushing the Apple Watch 3 which made a big hype during the launch event but was shadowed by the iPhone X after launch. For people who are planning to buy the phone, it’s not a problem that the device isn’t in stock right now. Within two to three weeks, the manufacturer is highly confident that stock issue will be sorted out and people will be able to walk into the store to buy their phone.

However, no such situation exists with the Apple Watch 3 which is readily available for purchase and in order to spice things up, the brand is throwing in a couple of new watch bands including colorful fall collection.The Nike Sports band is an option and there’s also the Hermes band to provide the exquisite finish to a smart watch which works seamlessly with your iOS devices.

Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The best part is that with Watch 3, Apple engineers have managed to incorporate a SIM card slot which allows the wearable to work independently and it doesn’t require a smartphone to receive or make calls, get messages and so on. With all these advantages, a new operating system and discounts specifically for the holiday season, going for the product during this time is a no brainer especially if you have already made up your mind to buy a smart watch in 2017.

People who are planning to purchase the MacBook Pro, Apple suggests that they could consider buying the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphone combined with the InCase Slim Sleeve and an Apple Store Gift Card. There is no clear word on whether they have any huge discounts running right away but considering the fact that every other major retailer is getting ready for Black Friday, Apple is sure to throw in some goodies so as to lure buyers into their ecosystem and convince them to go for an iOS product.

Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 with Special Watch, iPhone

For users who already own an iPad Pro, Apple suggests the $99 stylus which will enhance the functionality of the large tablet and also allows you to get a lot of things done quickly than when using your hand. The Smart Keyboard costs $159 and makes typing easier whereas the Smart Cover is the cheapest of the lot with $49 price tag which will keep the iPad Pro safe at all times.

Within a week’s time, Apple is expected to make some Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts which will boost sales encouraging more people to make a purchase while existing users could go for the accessories.