The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch has been officially launched even though the product has been delayed by a solid one year because the acquisition of the manufacturer couldn’t be complete in time.

The Steel HR was a promising smartwatch which was originally announced back in 2016 and should have hit retailer stores during the holiday season of the same year. However, the purchase deal between Nokia and the manufacturing company Withings didn’t come to an amicable conclusion within the expected time frame.After much negotiation, the two firms finally managed to get the job done in the month of June and the product is now up for pre-order so that buyers could finally get their hands on a Nokia smartwatch.

After all, when companies like Apple, Samsung and LG are busy revealing their own smartwatches, it is time the big giant from the past makes a product of their own so as to appease their large customer base.It will allow them to integrate all their Android powered smartphones released recently with the new watch and give buyers more ways to stay in touch with their health and lifestyle.

Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

As expected, along with the Nokia Steel HR Hybrid smartwatch the manufacturer has also relaunched many Withings products under their brand name. They are now known as the new Nokia band, Nokia Go, BPM + and the Nokia Body + smart gadgets. All these devices seamlessly connect with one another as they are designed by the same company and are now made to work on the Android platform to sync data between the devices a person uses.

For buyers who are interested in buying the new smartwatch, they will have option to choose between 36mm and 40mm case sizes.The front fascia of the model looks extremely well-done as it resembles a serene watch-like appearance rather than making it look too much like a technology gadget. The analog watch face adorns the front whereas digital meters provide information on current heart rate and also the movement of a person throughout the day.

Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch Officially Launched, Specs & Features

Users do have the option to change the analog watch face into a digital setup, use it as an activity tracker to keep track of more than 10 different activities performed by you. The device is also capable ofbeing an effective sleep monitor, allow you to place calls, send texts and receive them as well as set event alerts so as to be notified before an event or meeting begins.

Compared to the original product created by Withings, Nokia engineers have incorporated some advanced technology to make the Steel HR Hybrid smartwatch more accurate and reliable when it comes to assuring users that it wouldn’t fail them.Besides, being able to accurately monitor your movement, heart rate and activities is essential for fitness enthusiasts who go for a smartwatch primarily for this purpose apart from being able to connect their smartphone to device.

Nokia Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch water resistant

In order to increase the durability of the product, the engineers have upgraded the front face of the watch with sapphire glass which is considered the best of the lot and is more robust than any other material that could be used in a watch in recent times.The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid watch is also capable of being water proof up to 50 meters and is made from the ground up to sync seamlessly with the Nokia Health Mate iOS app.

The bundled package costs about $179.99 and is available for pre-order form the official Nokia website. Buyers have the option to pick between two basic color variants, white or black while there is no word on more color variants being added soon.

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