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Recently, a strong rumor claimed Apple is going to make three different variants of their iPhone X in 2018 and now Samsung has joined the list with a new Galaxy S9 Mini which will have nearly the same size as the iPhone SE.

Staying ahead in the market is becoming a huge challenge for all manufacturers because they are supposed to stay innovative whereas keep their smartphones affordable and easier to use for the average user. In the past, mid-range and entry level models continued to fill up the empty slot whereas new age buyers are not happy with older specifications which is why flagship models have gained momentum.

Taking this situation into account, Apple ensured that they don’t alienate their buyers by launching the new iPhone 8 smartphone with A11 bionic chip but retained a similar price tag and the big bezel design. It allowed most buyers to stick to their older iPhone 7, upgrade but provided them to skip the $1000 iPhone X altogether if they opined the bezel less display with such pricing and removal of home button is too soon to adopt.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini Could Launch in 2018

However, Samsunghas no such issues in the first place as their last flagship model Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were warmly welcomed by both buyers and critics at once.It is easy to say that the company got everything right at the first try, especially the bezel less design which other manufacturers are still catching up to.

Possibly the fact that the huge debacle of the Galaxy Note last year forced the company to think out of the box and ensure that they maintain their brand image among buyers worldwide by delivering a worthy flagship device. The Galaxy S8 is an amazing phone with awesome bezel-free design, no top notch which annoys a lot of iPhone X owners and great build quality that worked as intended out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is now ready to take a step ahead and reach a whole new class of audience who feel smartphones have become too big to use on the go. The rumoured Galaxy S9 Mini justifying the name will have a simple 4-inch display which may look like a dwarf in an age where 6-inch thin models have become the norm. The new iPhone 10 and Pixel 2 models stand proof to this claim as users are getting used to the size without making a fuss.

The information comes from an investment provider who have managed to get the leaked info through a parts manufacturer. While it cannot be confirmed immediately, it is easy to see this rumor becoming a reality in a couple of months when the Unpacked event goes live in different locations.

4-inch Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini

The only drawback is that previously there was a rumor that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S7 and S8 mini in the past but it never saw the light of the day. However, if Apple is actually going to make three different versions of their iPhone 2018 with one of them sporting a LCD display, Samsung may take the plunge this year and release a handy, compact model for users who really need it.

Apple iPhone SE is possibly the only flagship model from a reputed brand that sports a 4-inch display and is available in the market for purchase. The fact that the brand is enjoying a clear victory in the segment without any competition may push Samsung to launch the Galaxy S9 Mini next year. The news has already gained traction on social media as most users are interested in owning a phone that is smaller and easy to use.