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The largest online retailer in the world Amazon wants to make sure they are early to the Black Friday 2017 party that they choose to begin selling products at unbelievable prices.

The sale begins as early as November 17th much ahead of their competitors.

While brick and mortar stores like Target, Walmart deserve the most attention for their doorbuster deals, times have changed in the past couple of years. The servers of these stores are beefed up so that a massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal could take place online without having to leave the comfort of your home. Because of this massive shift in the shopping trend, these stores now directly compete with Amazon but they may take another week to open their sales whereas the company is going head in first.

As expected, a major share of the sales will be dedicated to their own products. If you were waiting for gadgets like the Amazon Kindle eReader, Amazon Echo or the Echo Dot to get cheaper, there couldn’t be a better time than this. Newest update confirmed that the pricing of these products is already at a record low in the UK version of the website and it won’t be long before the same reflects in the United States version as well.

Amazon Echo Dot

For buyers whoare really interested in owning one of the Alexa voice AI powered Echo device, this should be the best time to make a purchase. You can even choose to buy more than one so that some of them could be gifted to your friends and family, especially with the holiday season really close by. The voice powered boxes are at least $20 or even lesser besides some of the bundles also include in-store credits or rewards encouraging you to shop even more on Amazon during the big Black Friday sales.

By being able to buy multiple Echo or Echo Dot devices, it is easier to create a connected home especially if you are premises is larger and one single Echo may not be able to cover the area. They seamlessly work with your iOS or Android device providing a futuristic experience for the residents of the house. You will be able to place orders, set an alarm or reminder based on what you want to do by simply talking to the device rather than having to type it out.

amazon kindle Black Friday Party, Sale Begins Nov 17th

Apart from their proprietary products like the Kindle and Echo, Amazon also provides massive discounts. The good news, the flash sales and other discounts begin as early as November 17th giving you enough time to browse through and make your purchase decision. There is no need to login to the website on Thanksgiving Day when everyone else is busy making purchases at the same time.

Some of the most popular 4K UHD models from Sony, Samsung and LG are being discounted as part of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals. The most affordable 4K model from Sony costs just $999 and is a 55-inch 2017 model whereas lesser known brands can be purchased for $600 or less with the highest resolution possible.

Similar bundles and discounted pricing is applicable on wide range of products including PS4, Xbox One games, Blurays, gaming desktop, consoles, laptops and desktop components. The sale includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 discounts which will probably run throughout the weekend until Monday giving you time to make purchases one by one. However, deliveries may take time because of the whopping number of orders Amazon might receive during these special discount days that are about to begin this weekend.