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The newly launched Apple iPhone X may have had a slightly rocky start due to constant customer complaints but the company has laid out the plan for 2018.

They are going to launch three different variants of the same phone next year.

Going completely bezel-less is what every smartphone manufacturer love these days. Samsung has achieved a milestone in it while LG and HTC have almost caught up with their respective flagship models.The iPhone X is a great innovation by removing the bezels and the home button but the top black notch does stay there even in the 2018 edition if we are go by the leaked rendered photos posted online.

Apple iPhone X

Apple is looking forward to make the top notch a proprietary design of their smartphones because if they remove it, it will no longer be possible to have a front -firing speaker. Maybe, if the company would have considered this before removing the 3.5 mm audio jack, it would have been a much better contribution to their hardcore fans who stay with them no matter what.

The Last of the iPhone

Based on the rumor it has been nearly confirmed that the iPhone that people have known throughout the years is going to go away completely. The future generation will never know the rounded, thick bezels on top of the original iPhone or the bulky models later on followed by the slim iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8.

The design is undergoing a massive transformation and from next year onwards, the bezel less iPhone X will be the only official version you will be able to buy in stores and online. With a whole year to go, the company expects that the current models like the iPhone 7 and 8 will become very affordable allowing users to experience what iOS is all about if they are not willing to spend the whopping sum of $1000.

Apple iPhone X

Three iPhone Xs On the Way

Three different variants of the Apple iPhone X will get launched by the end of 2018. One of them will sport a large 6.5-inch display while another has a 6.1-inch display and the third one will be the smallest and compact version of them all with a 5.8-inch. Except for the 6.1-inch variant which will sport a TFT LCD display, the other two will have the same OLED display for brighter color and contrast.

All three phones will have Face ID, no ports except for the one lightning port. The 6.1-inch model is expected to be the cheapest of the lot because it won’t use OLED but will be equipped with the same processor, specifications and Face ID technology to unlock the phone. The company had lots of shortage in supply this year which will be non-existent when the new iPhone X 2018 edition gets launched.

Apple is Planning to Launch Three Different Variants of iPhone X

Instead of waiting for the year to begin, they will start manufacturing right away and get more than 100 million phones ready by the month of June or July so as to keep up with the demand. Termed as the super cycle of sales to meet customer demand, Apple wants to be ready even before they make their product official during the next big event in the month of September next year.

A large diagnostic of the current iPhone X is being done to understand why it breaks so easily, the OLED display showing different colors at random angles and some loudspeaker issues which were recently reported. Everything will be taken into account so that the mistakes are not repeated while designing the three new models. Meanwhile, existing customers can opt for replacements if required.