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Creating a new browser which could truly be the future is a tough job that Mozilla has actually achieved with their Firefox Quantum browser that beats Google Chrome in every aspect including the diabolical memory usage.

Most people may not notice it immediately but just when you open multiple tabs, the current Firefox will consume close to 1 GB of RAM whereas Chrome will do the same or even higher but will split it into multiple tasks that showing itself as a single application. Either way, browsers these days aren’t great and force the common user to have gigabytes of RAM yet would end up slowing your system.

Firefox Quantum

Enter Mozilla Firefox Quantum which is a culmination of multiple projects of the past like Nightly and many others that have become the best, futuristic browser that you might have seen in all these years. The beta version was launched almost a year back and tons of changes are made to make it look, feel intuitive whereas being lightweight on the resources, says the team behind it.

Adopting Rust Programming

The biggest technology shift in Mozilla Firefox Quantum is that it’s unbelievably responsive and opens up swiftly, much faster than the current version of Chrome or Opera. The developers revealed that they have programmed the CSS of the browser using Rust which is a programming language developed by the company that makes use of every core available on whatever system the browser is running on. It doesn’t rely on only one core and waste others because both smartphones as well as computers have at least a dual core processor these days.

Mozilla’s New Firefox Quantum Beat Chrome

Using Tabs to Reduce RAM Usage

Such a quirky new idea made by the programmers that allows the browser to arrange the tabs on your browser based on the order they are used. For example, when you have at least 10 tabs open but you are using just 4 to 5 of them at the same time, the application will be able to recognize it. It will stop using RAM power in order to keep the rest running which reduces the amount of RAM used to keep so many tabs open simultaneously.

In their official statement, Mozilla team confirmed that the new browser uses 30% less RAM than Chrome making it not only fast, easy to respond but also less resource hungry so that the hardware could be used by other applications in your computer, not allocate everything for a single browser.

Photon User Interface

Most users may not have had the chance to see how the Mozilla Firefox Quantum looks like. But, even a newcomer can instantly get onboard and find everything they need with a click away. The intuitive UI is known as the Photon UI which takes a very minimalistic approach to the browser and it may easily make Google Chrome look outdated because of how big and intrusive their tabs may look.

3 New Technologies that Allowed Mozilla’s New Firefox Quantum Beat Chrome

Mozilla engineers have definitely made a huge leap with the Quantum browser which is going to go place when it gets launched today. Based on user feedback, they will always make changes and having a free internet without having to pay for the content or restricted on the type of websites users would like to go through.

The developers confirmed that after a solid year in the beta program, the Firefox Quantum has evolved a lot and is ready for use on day one which is why they are officially rolling it out today without keeping it in the test program for longer and soon it might replace the existing version of Mozilla Firefox browser.