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Apple iPhone X has managed to win the hearts of many because ardent buyers who love the brand and the luxurious outlook it offers are not going to back off easily.

But, the series of issues reported with regards to the phone just wouldn’t stop.

While the manufacturer is obviously going to make a claim that the display problems, OLED issues and other things reported so far pertains to a very miniscule number of users, still when people pay $1000 for a smartphone and had to either replace it or talk to their cellular provider to know what the problem is.

Apple iPhone X

In their previous report, Apple confirmed that the OLED screen will show burn-in problems two years or later. In order to fix it, they released a software update recently which will reduce the contrast on some areas where the same icons will be displayed throughout the year, leading to screen burn-in issues. They added that the display showing a different contrast tone and hue when viewed from side angles are common with OLED technology. Samsung has been using the technology for years but the company never had to make any such statement throughout this long period.

In a newest series of complaints, a considerable number of people are complaining that the Apple iPhone X has faulty speakers. The top speaker has started emitting a long, continuous buzzing noise while some other users say it is a crackling noise. The front firing speaker displays this issue when sound is produced at high or its maximum volume level. Considering the fact that even low -end smartphones these days ship with amazing build quality and reliable speakers to use on the long run, it is a huge disappointment to know the iPhone X is showing such faulty issues so early since launch.

Apple iPhone X Reportedly has Speaker Issues

While Apple is yet to acknowledge the problem and issue a reply, the speaker problem was reported only by two dozen people so far and not more which is a very meager number.However, if the fault is prevalent on other models as well it may not go unnoticed because a lot of people will be willing to open up when they know the speaker issue exists and would want cellular companies to replace the model for a newer one.

The users first started discussing it in the Macrumors forum. He wrote that a crackling noiseoccurs in his focus whenever he increased the volume. The problem persisted even when the user purchased a ringtone from iTunes, in his media streaming and phone calls. Multiple users confirmed that they came across such a problem andwere not sure what to do about it.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models had stereo front-firing speakers whereas the newly launched iPhone X sports a unique device. It combines both the ear piece to attend calls while delivering stereo quality sound with a single speaker to achieve near bezel less display which is expected to be the cause of this issue.

Apple iPhone X Reportedly has Speaker Issues as Users Report

Some users also confirmed that when it comes to hardware issues such as this one, Apple customer care centers are more than willing to replace the phones for new ones and didn’t question much. The company has been continuously collecting information on multiple problems reported so far and sending official statements whenever possible. The back of the phone’s coating started peeling off for some users which is one among the many things that the iPhone X failed at.

Apple’s new phone is an ambitious attempt but when Samsung Galaxy S8 managed to pull off bezel less display easily, the iPhone X is faltering so far but a conclusion can’t be made so early.