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The flagship phones are supposed to impress buyers to the core but the newly launched Apple iPhone X despite its humongous price tag has been repeatedly showing one error after the other.

The first issue came up with OLED screen which showed different saturation and color tone when viewed from a different angle. The developers came to the forefront to confirm that they are indeed aware of the problem and clarified in an official statement that such issues are pretty common with the technology. Samsung phones are using OLED screens for years now but no such complaint was prevalent with their production.

However, both the Apple iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 smartphone started showing problems right from day one. While Google users faced burn-in issues and they were more than willing to replace the device for a newer device. It is confirmed to be a minor manufacturing defect found only in select phones. iPhone X on the other hand didn’t make such compensations because the developers are actually going to roll out a software update.

 iPhone X

In a future update, the contrast level of the phone will be slightly toned down so as to improve the life of the OLED displays. The displays didn’t show any strong signs of burn-in problems which is why no replacement is being provided. In a new update, users have started complaining that the display in this $1000 device becomes completely unresponsive and is unusable when the climate conditions become extremely cold.

Many Apple advertisements from the past have shown that the phones they make are often designed to withstand extreme heat and cold climates, even when users take it to Mt. Everest and can use it without any issues. The last update tried to fix some of the identified bugs but a new range of bugs have emerged which Apple engineers promised that they will eventually fix in the following weeks.

 Apple iPhone X

In their official statement, the company wrote, “After receiving reports from a considerable number of users, we are aware of the fact that the iPhone X becomes unresponsive for a brief period of time when they change to a cold environment. While some users have reported this issue, many others claim they didn’t face any such situation when moving into a cold environment and their phone worked as it always have. An upcoming software update will address this issue so as to give customers what they would expect from the phone.”

The first report came from a Reddit user named darus124 who confirmed that his iPhone X didn’t work when he stepped into the cold weather from his warm indoor location. Some users in the same Reddit forum confirmed that they were able to use the phone without any problems whereas others said that it worked as usual when they locked and unlocked the phone once using the Face ID technology.

Apple iPhone X Issues Grow as Screen Stops Responding in Cold Weather

Based on the reports and the responses provided by multiple users, it is clear that the Apple iPhone X doesn’t suffer from the non-responsive display issue in all regions and not everyone who walks into the cold had to restart their phone. For those who couldn’t use the device, they should put up with Apple’s wait time. While the developers confirmed that they are interested in rolling out an update, they didn’t specify how long it would take for the software update to be rolled out.

The bug fix will be introduced with the next iOS 11.2 update which will be released in the beta channel for users before it is officially rolled out to all iPhone X owners. Users hope no new bugs or issues emerge in this period.