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Intel wants to beat AMD at any cost and they are drawing the big guns now by building an integrated graphic chip of their own.

In order to get things going, the company has hired an industry veteran who worked in Apple and has considerable experience as the head in AMD.

While in the ever growing PC market, Intel is the leader with their powerful, multi-core processor chips until Ryzen came. Customers often complain about how hot their processors get yet when it comes to true single or dual core power, the Intel processors stand tall and continue to be the choice for most desktop PCs while almost every last laptop ships with technology developed by the company.

Intel’s New Integrated Graphic Chip to be Built By Apple

But, they sorely lack in the graphics department due to lack of skilled engineers and the inability to developer system on chips. Qualcomm has Snapdragon that rules the world of smartphones while AMD is the leaders of the market when it comes to creating powerful graphics chips that are integrated with the processor. Their expertise in this area pushed Microsoft and Sony to hire them to make chips for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 consoles. When these big companies rely on AMD after IBM quit the job, it shows the true potential of their products which is what Intel wants to beat.

Much to their good luck, Raja Koduri the Vice President from AMD quit the job due to some internal differences. He was the senior VP at AMD and also headed the Radeon graphics technologies division. The chief architect knows everything about how to build a great graphics processor within a chip and he is expected to bring that expertise to Intel. The company has offered the same position to Koduri and has hired him to lead the team. In other words, AMD’s chief architect is now Intel’s graphics head and will be heading the entire division towards success.

Intel’s Integrated Graphic chip

According to sources, Intel has already formed a new Core and Visual Computing division which will allow them to build and bring a graphics chip to their entire range of processors available in the market today. The core idea is to make that inferior integrated intel graphics into something more superior which will make it easier for the average buyer to use basic apps without having to invest in a dedicated GPU from Nvidia or AMD.

The company in their official statement added that they will make use of Koduri’s expertise to help put logic and coherence. In the end, the brand aims to create a market of its own which can directly compete with Nvidia and AMD. The representatives didn’t comment whether they are going to build dedicated graphics card because it is a whole new technology and may require years in order to perfect it.

Intel’s New Integrated Graphic Chip

Even AMD who happens to be the market leader in integrated chipsets had to acquire ATI which was the company behind Radeon technologies and continued to make dedicated GPUs until they were brought by AMD. It made the company stronger and a valid opponent to go against the all-powerful Nvidia which has a strong consumer base around the world and also better tie-ups with game developers to bring in specific features for Nvidia GPUs.

The future remains a surprise for Intel as they have stepped into the world of graphic cards and integrated GPUs for the first time. It might take a while for them to announce things but they have already collaborated with AMD to make chipsets for laptops so that they don’t need Nvidia GPUs. These laptops are said to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.