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The tablet market is not in its best face yet Apple is not giving up on their iPad models soon.

The company is working on a new slimmer iPad which will possibly get rid of the home button and add Face ID support.

Compared to the iPhone X which is much smaller in size compared to an iPad tablet, using Face ID as the only way to login to the device might be more difficult. Besides a lot of actions like going back, closing an app and other functions are usually handled using the intuitive home button. However, when the developers choose to remove the button permanently and demand users to rely on a lot of new hand gestures that might take some time to be understood, it may put off a massive number of users who loved the iPad.

Apple is Working on New iPad Model with Face ID

The source magazine to which Apple’s top representatives spoke reveals that they are interested in making the tablet more powerful and intuitive than ever. While admitting the fact that having to learn new hand gestures to open apps, close them and get lots of things done without the home button is tough, they further added people would eventually realize it is much easier to do everything in the touch screen than having to scroll down to the bottom of the device every time.

The size of the upcoming tablet may not be 9.7-inches but rather a bit bigger at 10.5-inches providing more screen real estate for users to make use of. All the games and apps will have to be slightly modified to support the new aspect ratio but the developer community Apple has is dedicated and wouldn’t mind switching them to the bigger display within matter of weeks. The designer team clarified that they are so confident as to increase the screen size because the bezels in the new iPad will be very thin and slim. Users will hardly take notice of the bigger display as it happened with the iPhone X.

Apple is Working on New iPad Model

When you directly put an iPhone X with a Pixel 2 XL and Samsung Galaxy S8+, it may look smaller and sleek to hold even though it’s screen size is almost the same as these large phones in the market. The feat was achieved through keeping the size of the bezels very small and the overall hefty phone looking compact to use that convinced a lot of buyers. A similar approach is now being applied for the new iPad which will embrace future in every way possible and also integrate new Apple CPU, GPU for better performance.

While the designers didn’t explicitly talk about it, the iPad will of course get rid of the headphone jack so that it can be on par with other new devices such as the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. One of the features that may not make its way to the new device is the use of OLED screens because it could drastically boost the pricing of the tablet.

There are 4K HD televisions that use OLED displays which are capable of producing the best color tone. However, when it comes to cost these televisions cost thrice or four times more than the LCD display models which are considered more affordable and a practical choice for buyers. Apple doesn’t want to alienate the customers because the tablet market has already reached its saturation point. A couple of Samsung tablets, LG and iPads are the only ones left in the competitive arena where pricing is important. The new iPad is expected to be aggressively priced but will definitely not be as cheap as the current model.