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The team behind Whatsapp has ensured users got what they wanted as they rolled out the ability to revoke wrongly sent messages for all users and also an option to search for users in large groups.

However, there are certain limitations to all the functionalities and trying to get across these technical blocks may get your phone number banned forever. Previously, it was known under multiple names as delete message, recall and revoke sent messages. Finally, the developer team has set for revoke as the official name for this particular feature.

Whatsapp New Updates are Great But There’s Limitations on Search

The problem with Whatsapp is that there are so many ways to read a message as soon as it gets sent. Once the double tick mark is displayed, it denotes that the message is delivered to an Android or iOS device. The recipient will now be able to read the message by swiping it off the notification bar, or through the lock screen and also by opening the app’s user interface. When you delete any sent message, it should be removed from all these areas at once without fail. If not, it voids the purpose of deleting the message in the first place.

The developers disabled the feature temporarily so that they could work on it and started bringing it to users in different regions before making it official for all users worldwide. However, the newest version of the revoke message available on both iOS and Android smartphones have a strong caveat to it. If you want to pull it off from the servers, you should do it within 8 minutes, 32 seconds after which it cannot be removed.

Whatsapp New Updates are Great But There’s Limitations

It is more like if you don’t revoke it instantly, the message will either be read by the recipient or will go out of your control leaving it open for the person or possibly everyone in a large group to read it. When it comes to business communication however, it is a good feature as you will mostly be alert when removing wrong messages from a shared group quickly before anyone could read it.

Another caveat Whatsapp developers have left open in the interface is that if someone else has quoted your message and replied in a group, it will not be removed from the list. People will still be able to read the message whereas if you initiate the revoke process within 8 minutes, it will be removed from the group, your phone and the servers but the quoted version of the same message will stay. It is not the right way to protect one’s privacy and the team may fix it in a future update.

Whatsapp New Updates

The problems continue because any user who is still using a device running on Android 4.0.2. or older versions will be able to view any Whatsapp message even after it is revoked by the user. The newest update doesn’t work on older version of Android and both users should be running newer version of the operating system for the revoke feature to work as intended. The latest version of Whatsapp cannot be installed in older phones which is what causes this issue.

Besides, the developers have introduced the option to search for participants in a group which is a welcome addition. The feature works only when there are more than 10 users in the group and this limitation is quite acceptable. New Whatsapp analog cock stickers have been added to the Android version 2.17.406 and any groups or person you have muted will now show in a grey icon. It is considered to be more subtle and doesn’t disturb the active interactions in a user’s Whatsapp interface.