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After being in the beta channel for a while now, Twitter officially rolled out the new 280 -character count limit for all users worldwide today.

English is the primary language whereas the company’s representatives confirmed that the new count is being expanded to all other supported languages. The roll out occurs at a controversial point as a lot of users opine that the brand is spoiling its originality and disrupts their core value which made Twitter so popular in the first place for its crisp presentation.

In their official channel, the founders of the organization strongly opined that they wanted to allow new users to get on board with ease and also make things simpler for those who like to be more expressive with words. They further added that compared to people who use English, French or Spanish to communicate, the 280-character count is a massive upgrade for other languages.

Twitter Officially Rolls Out New 280 Character Count

People who regularly tweet in Chinese, Japanese and Korean find it as a welcome change as they were able to express everything they need to with double the number of characters than the previous limit. Most English users had the same complaint to be put forth! They strongly rejected the idea because the ability to scroll through multiple posts while reading through headlines is affected due to the increased count.

Users when they open the Twitter app with the changes implemented find that their screens are bombarded with long posts that are impossible to read and takes more time than usual, that makes Twitter the less user-friendly social platform. Other users opined that the developers are missing some of the important issues and are not addressing what they should but rather diverting the attention towards characters which was never the primary concern for most users.

Twitter Rolls Out New 280 Character Count

Another group of users say that even though at first look it might sound like Twitter is allowing individuals, companies and advertisers to express themselves better with more words, at the end of the day they are going to repeat the same thing but make it verbose because they now have 280 characters to work with.

Twitter activists didn’t stop there because they ensured the CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey gets the point by editing his announcement tweet. The CEO tried to express himself in 280 characters but a user named Jack edited the same tweet and delivered the same message with just 140 characters as Twitter has always been which does shake the entire foundation on which this idea is based upon.

Most Didn’t Use 280 Characters

During the trial period, the developers found that people didn’t use more than 140 characters as they were used to the number and it also helped deliver the message in a crisp manner. Out of the lot, only 2 percent were more than 190 characters while 5 percent of people used over 140 characters assuring everyone that the website is not going to change drastically as feared by most.

Twitter Officially Rolls Out New 280 Character Count to Global Users Today

At the start of the trial period, some did made use of the increased count to create goofy tweets but the novelty soon wore off and people didn’t abuse the channel or wrote paragraphs as expected.

The research team further added that after they increased the limit, most tweets by big brands and media managed to gain increased likes, retweets and better attention from users because they could easily understand the content of the message rather than having to read the link to know more. So far, things are going good and after its global rollout, it is to be seen how Twitter fares with the new 280 character count limit.