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Facebook is expanding their strong grip among business users by allowing them to integrate their Messenger chat feature in their official website.

Almost the entire Facebook population spends a lot of time online on the website, exploring new content and browsing through the tons of posts that go online on a daily basis. Similarly, whenever something is wrong with a product or service, the individuals often tend to head to the FB page of the brand in order to post a comment or request customer service. The Chat service plays an integral role at this point because it eases the process and lets you instantly get in touch with a social media executive to forward the complaint.

However, when visiting the official website of a brand that sells a product or offers service, it is tough to get in touch with a customer care executive. The chat service provided by them will often link to their servers and may not be instant because it usually transfers data through their internal communication system. Facebook now wants to make things easier on the customer end. As long as they are logged on with their official ID, they will instantly able to open the chat window in a website and send in their query.

Business Users Integrate Facebook Chat in Their Websites

From a business viewpoint, it is a seamless service as they can connect immediately with their users and potential customers without wasting time. The idea is still in its early stages and those who are interested in joining the program can sign up at the official link provided by Facebook. The developer team will go through all the applications and your company’s website. They are expected to come up with a customer chat plug-in that you can download and integrate in your own website to simplify communication in the future.

Another significant advantage gained through using their chat plug-in is that there is no need to have a dedicated customer care agent sitting on a desktop PC to answer queries. Instead, both the customer and the representative can respond to all kinds of chat messages from multiple devices including a desktop, laptop or a smartphone. The integration and the massive reach Facebook has simplifies the entire process of connecting a brand with their respective customers.

Integrate Facebook Chat in Their Websites

The feature is currently in closed beta testing and the developers want to make sure it works as intended before rolling it out massively for all business users worldwide. The websites may run on different platforms and it is mandatory to make the chat plug-in work seamlessly so as to ensure a conversation goes without any hiccups.In order to get the feature first, you should consider registering immediately as all others who come at a later point of time may have to wait until the codes are perfected for rollout on a large scale.

Facebook has been strongly focusing on business customers who are yet to make their integration with the services offered by the company. The same business strategy can be found with Whatsapp as well where structured messages are rolled out in addition to verified tags for business so that they could send legitimate messages to their users without spamming them. The SMS technology is long gone with the advent of Whatsapp and the company which is also owned by Facebook wants to venture deeper into the business territory.

Facebook Chat

Google and Facebook are already deeply integrated in a lot of websites where users can login using their credentials than having to create a new username and password. A similar approach allowing official business websites to support Facebook chat plug-in is expected to boost customer interaction and seamless communication.