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Google Pixel 2 has been facing some issues since its launch date but buyers don’t have anything to worry about because the developers are working hard to ensure they get the optimal experience with a bunch of updates.

As part of the program, Google has rolled out the November security update for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. When the device landed, the first issue came with the screens as many users confirmed that they are seeing burn-in issues within a week of using the device. Samsung has been using OLED screens for years now. It is a first time for Google and Apple that have adopted the technology for the first time in their flagship smartphones but they are facing so many complaints already.

While Apple users complained that the color saturation and contrast on the display varies when viewed from a different angle, Google Pixel 2 owners faced a much bigger issue with their displays.Google has taken note of the problems and has released a security patch which fixes a range of security issues on both the Nexus and the Pixel smartphones.

Google November Security Update Pixel 2

With the November Update, users who were not happy with the display showing burn-in problems so early can heave a sigh of relief. The developers have added three new color modes for users to choose from. They are Boosted, Natural and Saturated display color options which should make it easy for every user to get the look they want. However, in previous statements, most smartphone manufacturers have confirmed that using the highest level of contrast with the same display on screen may lead to burn-in issues sooner than expected.

In order to extend the life of the OLED displays used in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, the engineers have decided to reduce the contrast on the navigation buttons found on the bottom of the screen. They will no longer be so bright as they used to be and the transparency will also be reduced to avoid the dreaded burn-in problem.

A bunch of smartphones like the Motorola Moto Z already use OLED displays and run on Android 7.1 Nougat. However, there are no reports of issues on those displays but for Google Pixel 2, it started as early as within a week of purchasing the phone and using it which is considered to be more of a manufacturer’s problem rather than something done by the user.

Google Pixel 2 Display

The company did offer replacements for those which is said to be a meagre amount but to make sure the phones don’t end up in the warranty counter within a year due to this problem, Google has reduced the contrast on the navigation buttons and users can choose to keep the brightness, contrast at optimal levels rather than keeping their phone on the highest possible settings all the time.

Users also reported that some of the devices had an annoying clicking sound whenever they touched the display which has been fixed through the November security update for the device. Google has been doing everything possible in their end to make sure Pixel 2 continues to be the true Android flagship smartphone that works as promised rather than giving up on their customers so early in its lifecycle.

On the other end, Apple released a press statement clarifying that OLED screens are bound to face issues such as saturated color tone when the display is viewed from a different angle and burn-in will happen years later due to continuous use but didn’t do much in terms of assuring customers that the iPhone X is a worthy phone to own.