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Apple is not on their best form these days as more bad news emerges from critics about the celebrated iPhone X which was supposed to have revolutionized the smartphone market as the original iPhone did.

The company was super excited when they launched the bezel less smartphone which relied only on Face ID and had no buttons at all. Removing the fingerprint sensor and the 3.5 mm audio jack left a sour taste even among hardcore Apple fans but they decided to put up with it by using more dongles. However, the issues didn’t end there as the phone’s OLED displayed showed signs of different hue in varying angles and they further added that the display is bound to get burn-in issues in the far future, possibly two years or so.

Apple customers had to agree to all of this because they had no other choice after purchasing the $1000 phone for a two-year contract and it’s also staying ahead of the curve right? Not so, confirmed the new drop test. According to the tests conducted by the tech critics at Arstechnica, the phone didn’t survive the drop test and durability test.

iPhone X

The results were the same with all popular technology magazines and Youtubers who let the phone fall down from a height of three feet or less. The glass panel at the corner of the device cracked at the very first attempt much to the disappointment of most because they had to pay so much to get it replaced. It cracked when the phone was dropped on the sides but when it fell face down, the glass almost shattered and the end of the review suggested that never use your iPhone X without a protective case wrapped around it.

While some stopped at overall accidental drop tests, a company named Square Trade decided to go all the way to confirm how it fares when dropped during extreme conditions such as another floor or in a moving vehicle. The company makes protective cases for phones and they obviously wanted to show off you should definitely buy their products. But for Apple, it’s bad news because the entire front glass panel of the phone and its TrueDepth sensor shattered.

The first test was when the smartphone was dropped from six feet, the average height of a person face down and the device already lost its functionality with the very first trial. When the same fall was repeated on the back side of the phone, the glass panel used on the rear end to support wireless charging shattered to a level that it needed full replacement in order to function as advertised.

Bad News for iPhone X Customers as it Fails Drop Test

While the new iPhone X failed in the basic tests, that didn’t stop the company from pushing it further as they put it inside a washer and dryer to confirm if it would work. After 60 seconds, the phone’s swipe to unlock gesture didn’t work.Later they dropped the phone from a car that was about to start which happens all the time when people load groceries in the back seat. Both the front and the rear end glass panels shattered confirming that the iPhone X is the weakest device made by Apple in recent times.

However, it still managed to withstand the water-resistant test as the phone was submerged in water for whole 30 minutes and emerged out without any issues at the end of the time. Considering the fact that the Apple iPhone X features an OLED display, the cost to replace the screen is much higher compared to a LCD display but if you are subscribed for the extended plan coverage, it is possible to replace it up to two accidental damages.