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Voice assistants are gaining momentum in the United States with Google Home, Amazon Echo and many other devices becoming prominent.

The new Fire TV Stick by Amazon without Alexa is what most customers want around the globe because it is cheaper and gets the job done.

Instead of forcing users to make use of the Alexa voice assistant, the company has decided to get rid of it which reduces the overall cost of the product and also makes it more affordable for most who just want a way to stream content onto their televisions including movies from Prime Video and Prime Music.

Google Chromecast

Being their direct competitor, Google Chromecast support is not allowed on Prime Video and the particular streaming stick largely relies on an Android smartphone to get the job done. However, the new Fire TV Stick is much more intuitive and is capable of turning your television into a smart TV because users can actually browse through apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video on their display without having to rely on a third device to get the job done.

Termed as the “Basic Edition” the new Amazon Fire TV Stick will be shipped immediately to over 100 countries and the online retailer is keen on making some drastic sales towards the end of 2017. The second-generation stick is expensive than the previous model which cost just $30 but it supports 4K streaming and also has HDR support.

Amazon Launches a $50 Fire TV Stick

However, considering the price point of $70 which is extremely expensive in countries like Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and India where Amazon has a very strong fan-following, the retailer has now decided to remove the voice AI Alexa so that they could ship it for $50 bringing it on par with the Chromecast sticks making sales in these regions and more. Besides, most people are more than happy with 4K and HDR because going for voice AI may hardly add any value to those who don’t use it at all.

The voice command button is also missing on the remote. Amazon doesn’t officially support the technology in many countries which is why they had to introduce the new Basic Edition Fire TV Stick. The device can output video in both 720p and 1080p resolution at 60 FPS with support for Dolby Audio.

Under the tiny, slim body, it is powered by a 1.3GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM and has 8 GB of storage space to make it easy to download apps, games onto the stick. With this announcement, the Fire TV Stick has now become a direct competitor for Google Chromecast in every country where both are aiming at customers who are still getting into the idea of turning their average television into a smart TV with so many functionalities that they could make use of.

Amazon Launches a $50 Fire TV Stick without Alexa for International Users

In their official statement, the company’s representatives said that Prime Video was rolled out globally to most countries in 2016 and now is the time to bring a device that would enable people to watch content on their televisions seamlessly. “We heard the customers loud and clear which is what motivated us to launch the Basic Edition which has all the best features found in the Fire TV Stick and is more affordable than ever despite it being a superior product capable of supporting full HD streaming,” wrote Amazon’s representatives.

With the holiday season fast coming up, it is going to be a tough war between Google and Amazon because they are the only two major players in the HDTV streaming market. They are expected to push their respective products with massive discounts on Black Friday deals this month and once again towards the end of 2017.