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Apple is now in the news repeatedly but for all the wrong reasons because people still couldn’t accept the fact that they paid $1000 for the iPhone X and there is no Steve Jobs to convince them that they have made a prestigious purchase.

While things are definitely not its best in the Apple iPhone stable, there are new issues popping from a different direction. The Apple Watch is not working as it should and the Watch OS crashed multiple times when people wanted the Siri to do a simple task. Whenever a user asks the voice AI how today’s weather is, it would crash.

A surprising twist in this crashing issue is that Siri was able to answer all weather queries on other days and can predict for the entire week or more. But, if you ask the Watch OS to fetch current weather for a day, it would crash immediately and Reddit users have already found the real reason behind it. Daylights saving time has been confusing the AI and if you ask the same question in a region that doesn’t observe DST or over, it would work without any issues.

Buyers Return iPhone X and Siri Crashes Watch OS

In the previous years, Apple Watch never faced any such issue and worked easily even with Daylight Savings Time on. However, things didn’t go smoothly this year and there is an update heading to the watch to fix the small bug but users can choose to stop using DST in order to let Siri work as it should without much confusion.

Buyers Not Happy with iPhone X

While many pre-ordered the Apple iPhone X for the $1000 price tag as soon as it went online, others choose to wait in line to get their hands on the latest smartphone. Despite all these best efforts, some users are not so happy with the end product. Unlike the old models which used to be so intuitive and hardly required any instructions to be followed, the new model needs users to understand some gestures as it doesn’t have any kind of on-screen navigation or even a button to make use of.

A random user who received the iPhone X through his pre-order complained that it is not as good as his Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and decided to return the phone in the Apple store. Even the most hardcore Apple fans were not happy that it has no buttons on top of it and the notch on the top is super annoying even though most reviews suggested that you will not notice it after few minutes of usage.

Buyers Return iPhone X

Another user in an Apple forum claimed that the shift between LCD IPS to AMOLED display doesn’t seem so drastic because everything looks the same to his eye. Some of the gestures are not so intuitive and it takes time to actually memorize them to use the phone. When the entire world is busy with Android phones and the usual design, Apple tends to be different as always.

Be it Windows vs Macintosh or the new iOS vs Android, the user interface will drastically change from being super intuitive to something Apple wants users to get used to. However, the luxury and premium finish provided in all premium iPhones while Android continued to grow in terms of reliability made iPhone 7 the most popular smartphone of the era. Times are changing now and the removal of 3.5mm jack in iPhone X as well as Pixel 2 among other devices are being met with strong criticism. It is to be seen how the smartphone market fleshes it out in the near future.