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Samsung Galaxy S8 is a flagship smartphone that is definitely great on all departments but the company wants Apple iPhone X buyers to know that they have got nothing for what they paid for because it lacks all important features.

While the entire world is still angry on Apple iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 for removing the 3.5 mm audio jack which is a standard plug for millions of headphones around the globe, Samsung proudly claims that they haven’t removed the most important jack yet managed to deliver a top notch flagship smartphone experience.

The video posted on Youtube has been titled Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up. The title does justify what they were trying to convey and even though the act of making fun of another product as well as customers who purchased it is debatable, the manufacturer has done a great job in making an interesting advertisement that is fun to watch.

As the name suggests, the entire ad which is just one minute follows the life of a young guy who purchases his first iPhone back in 2007. But, when he tries to save photos it shows out of storage error and that’s when the first problem begins. Followed by other editions of the iPhone which he has to purchase by standing in long queues in the cold weather but only to find that the store has no more phones as they have run out of stock.

Later, when he goes with his girlfriend on a picnic and falls into the lake, the Samsung flagship model works just fine while the iPhone has to be left on rice to dry. Finally, it comes all the way to 2017 when the iPhone X has a top notch and no headphone jack forcing him to use a dongle to listen to music with his girlfriend. He enviously looks at his friends and partner using Samsung phones with large display, stylus support and also wireless charging towards the end of the ad video.

New Samsung Galaxy Ad Mocks iPhone X for its Top Notch, No Audio Jack

Frustrated by the overall experience that deteriorates from 2007, the guy finally decides to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is the flagship model available in stores now. The phone allows him to easily send messages by writing them using a stylus, has no bezels at all and most importantly, still retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack allowing him to enjoy music without having to make use of an adapter.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has already received massive support from the media and users despite the battery blasting issue that took place last year with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung directly makes fun of Apple iPhone X and all the previous iPhones for being so inferior in terms of storage, display quality and the overall experience they provide to their dedicated customers throughout the year.

New Samsung Galaxy Ad Mocks iPhone X for its Top Notch

Obviously, the advertisement by Samsung has provoked a lot of Apple fanboys who has been continuously posting negative comments and criticizing the company for being so cheap to advertise something like that. Besides, they also question as to why Samsung would mock Apple iPhone X buyers even though their idea is to bring them all onto the Android platform. Making fun of potential buyers is not the right way to go about marketing a product, suggests people in the Youtube comments section.

Meanwhile, Apple iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 the two big devices of the year are already facing issues with their new OLED screen giving Samsung more reasons to take a dig at the quality of products they offer whereas they have been offering OLED screens for years now on their phones.