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Microsoft is an audacious company that doesn’t back off when it comes to innovation and the Xbox One X console is a huge leap forward.

Buyers who are willing to spend $500 get the best bang for buck considering the superior performance it offers.

Most PC Gamers may tend to differ because how they see the Xbox One X console drastically varies from what the average consumer or any open-minded gamer would see. The number of peripherals and accessories one has to buy to setup a gaming PC is just too high to fall within your budget. Even with your meticulous efforts, you will never be able to put them all together at just $500 and even when you do, it may never provide the level of performance the Microsoft console delivers.

As promised, the company delivers a massive 6 teraflops of processing power which according to the PC gaming experts is on par with the mid-range GTX 1060 graphics card provided by Nvidia. But, when setting up a desktop computer the work isn’t over with a simple card because you still have to find a suitable power supply, motherboard, processor and even a monitor in order to make it work as it should.

Xbox One X Buyers Get

However, anyone who plans to buy the Xbox One X can experience the best aspects of owning a console because they don’t have to buy a monitor as it is designed to work with a television and comes bundled with a controller as its primary source of input. Besides, almost all games including the latest AAA titles would work seamlessly on a console than a gaming PC because developers spend more time customizing them for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One first before porting the same to computers.

The Storage Problem

Despite Microsoft making the best ever console of the era with the Xbox One X, they have made a grave mistake on their end in just one aspect. Almost every new game which has been enhanced for the true 4K experience is close to 100GB in size and the developers seem to have skipped this important part which will affect the end user experience on a new level.

Unless the person has access to a 2TB or 4TB external hard drive to install all the latest titles and updates for the existing games they may own, it is impossible to play games in 4K resolution. Gears of War 4 which is an exclusive title on the Xbox One console has received the best upgrade in many years with amazing resolution and graphics bump but the total size of the game is more than 120 gigabytes.

Xbox One X Buyers Get Best Bang

Another must-have exclusive title, Halo 5 Guardians which when 4K textures are downloaded and installed goes all the way up to 113GB making it immensely big when compared to other AAA titles that are used to be just 50GB in the Xbox One console. The same goes for Quantum Break, another exclusive AAA game which touches 84GB and when the TV series based on the game is also downloaded, it becomes a massive 159GB of content to store in the limited 1TB hard drive found in the Xbox One X console.

1 TB storage space on the console is a massive mistake committed by Microsoft because they should have bundled at least a 2TB hard drive in it and if players couldn’t fit all their games in it, they can go for an external drive. But, with such limited space it is impossible to install even 3-4 titles on the existing HDD whereas a much bigger external drive which may cost extra has become mandatory for gamers who love to play their games in 4K.