The obvious thing is about to happen as Logitech has confirmed that they are soon going to launch digital keyboards that would seamlessly work with all popular virtual reality headsets.

The industry is trying to make VR the norm and almost every top company including Sony, Microsoft, HTC are making it happen. Right from the PS VR to the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, there are so many virtual reality headsets to make use of. Besides, there’s also the extremely cheap and user-friendly Daydream headset by Google. The only thing now users need is a reliable input method to get things done as they would do in the real world.

Logitech has officially launched the Bridge developer kit which is the first step towards making a virtual keyboard easy to use in a world where everything is done through actions and no real hardware is present. According to the company, it makes it easier to type on the keyboard when you are wearing a VR headset and also allows developers to provide customized versions of input device the way an average consumer or a gamer would want it to be.

The world of VR is growing at a rapid pace because developers and publishing companies are pushing the technology into the face of buyers even though it is quite expensive at this point. Unless you are willing to spend $400 or above, it is not possible to get the best experience. A practical problem is that these headsets are much bigger and not so convenient to use for long hours which will eventually be fixed in future models.

Sony’s Playstation 4 gaming console has also ushered in a massive era of VR games with their PS VR which costs as much as the console. But, thankfully the company revealed at least a dozen games during the Paris Games Week 2017 and assured players that they are investing in the technology to keep it relevant and updated for years to come.

Logitech to Soon Launch Digital Keyboards for Virtual Reality Headsets

Meanwhile, what Microsoft is doing is quite different from everyone else. They are relying on the Windows Mixed Reality platform which is a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality so that user doesn’t have to completely detach themselves from the real world in order to experience immersion. They have already incorporated wand controllers and the next thing that is needed, is a keyboard.

Console gamers know the pain of having to use a controller to type in alphabets and numbers because they can never be as fast or intuitive as a keyboard. HTC Vive VR headset is also implementing keyboard and mouse system real soon. Logitech is quite aware of the fact that they shouldn’t force users to sit on a desktop in order to use their peripherals and it is mandatory to change with the times, in case going virtual reality becomes the most preferred choice of technology after the game changing era of smartphones.

Logitech to Soon Launch Digital Keyboards

With the help of the Bridge Developer kit, Logitech is now encouraging developers and interested third parties to come up with track keyboard, mouse which makes use of spatial tracking. In a simple perspective, when you move your hand over a specific area in the virtual world, you should be able to move the mouse pointer. Similarly, a digital version of the keyboard will emerge in front of you on which you can type to input quickly. However, it might take a long time for users to be able to type without getting the feedback they would get from real keys.

A virtual model of Logitech G gaming keyboard is heading to the VR headsets soon and gamers seem to be a more potential target who often cope up with innovation faster than the average user.

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