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A massive Whatsapp outage has been reported throughout the globe as multiple countries have confirmed that the communication app is not working as it should and the problem persists for a couple of hours now.

The reports started emerging in the United Kingdom when the app stopped working as early as 7 AM in the morning and continue to show errors for different people whereas some users are able to use it without much difficulty. While users in the country continued to face the issue, reports from other part of the world confirmed that it is not just in region but spread randomly.

Users from Kenya confirmed that they were unable to send or receive messages. The sudden outage on Whatsapp created a lot of panic among users because each region couldn’t deduce as to why the service is not working as intended. They assumed that the problem persists only in their state or country until the bigger picture was revealed that the app has went down throughout the globe, not just specific parts of a particular region.

Massive Whatsapp Outage Reported Worldwide

After these countries, it was India, Malaysia and parts of Europe to report. The reports from multiple continents confirmed it is a massive global outage, one of the largest shutdowns in recent times for the app which has over a billion users. The company is yet to issue an official statement as to why they had to suddenly stop messages from going in or out of a smartphone. Some parts of Africa as well as the United States faced the problem but they were not found to be affecting every city in the country.

Rather, specific regions didn’t have access to Whatsapp whereas in countries like the United Kingdom, Malaysia and India, it was a total blackout for millions of users. Many panicked because they were unsure whether it was a local problem, an issue with their phone or the entire nation. After reports emerged online on social media and news websites, people heaved a sigh of relief as all they had to do was wait for the service to be restored and fix things on the server end.

Millions of people at once flocked to the website is the to find out if the problem is on their side or on the server side. For a brief period, the particular website faced an outage as well because these sites don’t receive so much traffic at once but it spiked all of sudden. Later, the service providers of the site managed to restore their servers and let everyone know that the developers of Whatsapp are actually working on to make things normal again.

A lot of users also took to Twitter to express their discontent over the app going down and made a lot of memes, gifs within a short period of time. They admitted that even within few hours of the outage, people felt very depressed and wanted to know if whatsapp is down for everyone. It instantly became the top trending hashtag on the channel for hours in multiple countries and helped assure them that things are going smooth with an immediate fix to happen in the near future.

By this time, services in UK has been restored in almost all parts and users from Malaysia, India, Kenya also report that Whatsapp seems to be working fine for the past couple of minutes. Those who couldn’t get it work to send or receive messages have to wait for some more time as the team is slowly restoring services in all regions. Only when the developers confirm the real reason behind this massive outage, the whole story will be revealed.