Google and Amazon are hardcore rivals in the gadgets market because they have continuously released back to back device, convincing buyers to go for it with cheap pricing.

While Google is basically a technology company and the owner of the largest mobile operating system Android, Amazon is no less because they are the world’s largest retailer with massive operations around the globe and also has their own list of streaming devices, voice AI Alexa and much more.

However, recently the companies have slowly started working together for the greater good and to provide a more streamlined experience for their customers. After all, they are not supposed to be like Apple who are keen on keeping their user base stuck to the same ecosystem and with no other option to explore. Previously, Amazon Prime Video would never allow you to stream a movie on your Google Chromecast device and a Fire stick is a must in order to enjoy that content.Google Chromecast

Based on the newly leaked information, it looks like things are becoming more-friendly between the biggest brands of the world. A leaked screenshot confirmed that Amazon music is testing to add Chromecast support and if confirmed, it will make it easy for users to throw their music into their television or a home theater surround sound setup. Chromecast is easily the most preferred and a widely used device because of its small HDMI stick size as well as the affordable $35 price tag which gets even lower during holiday sales.

The feature was identified by a user on a Google Pixel 2 smartphone when he tried to play Amazon Music and the Chromecast stream icon popped up. After testing it extensively, the user confirmed thatevery action including the ability to cast content on to a television as well as to any other Chromecast enabled devices, such as Nvidia Shield TV or the Google Home Connected Speaker worked seamlessly.

While the feature might sound like it is still in its early stages of development and has not been officially announced, it is easy to confirm that the feature is possibly in its final state because of how easily it works with Google enabled devices. The user added that he was not able to check how it works with Chromecast Audio which is a must-have addition for all music lovers especially if they are already subscribed to Amazon Music service.Google Chromecast Support on Amazon Music

The only drawback in this discovery is that the feature was spotted only on the Google Pixel 2 smartphone and even after repetitive updates, it was never shown on other smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 6 Plus or the Google Nexus 5X. The fact confirms Amazon may be testing their integration with Chromecast specifically on Pixel devices and bring them out on these phones first before making it commonly available on all Android smartphones.

Amazon has already rolled out a Prime Video app on the Google Play Store allowing users to easily access their content whenever they like to and didn’t force them to use their own app store to get Prime content. With Google and Amazon slowly forming a more amicable bond, it is good news for the companies as well as users as they don’t have to undergo tough procedures or use unwanted apps in order to use what they actually like to. An official announcement from Amazon is expected later when they confirm that they have integrated Chromecast support in their apps, including Prime Video and Prime Music which should be a great add-on for multimedia lovers as they can stream content to their television much easier without having to use a fire stick.

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