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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the next big flagship model scheduled to hit stores in the first half of 2018.

While companies like Apple and Google have shown what they got, it is time for the brand to make a radically different phone that innovates the future of smartphones.

While the iPhone X has managed to grab significant attention with its bezel less display and the gimmicky Face ID that got rid of the fingerprint sensor, Samsung wants to push the ball even further and make a phone that stands as a true competitor to every other device in the Android segment.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be Radically

The brand is already working on a foldable display and the model is known as the Galaxy X but it is their flagship model, the Galaxy S9 which is going to receive a massive overhaul like never before. The information was leaked by a Chinese retailer who confirmed that the back side of the new phone has changed a lot which confirmed that the company is planning to bring about a radically different smartphone into the market unlike anything buyers have ever seen before.

One of the biggest advantages Samsung has is that the design they came up with for the Galaxy S8 was loved by one and all. People could hardly find fault with the display, the way the bezel less front side was presented and most of all, the welcome addition of still retaining the 3.5-mm port and other traditional stuff such as the fingerprint sensor. Apple on the other hand skipped everything and tried to go totally futuristic which is something that may or may not do well among customers.New Leaked Info Suggests Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be Radically Different

Galaxy S9 is going to sport something really impressive, the dual camera in the rear side which will take kickass photographs. The company is under pressure right now after HTC U11 and Google Pixel 2 smartphones gained the best DxoMarks making them the best smartphone cameras in their class. Samsung has to give them a due reply by creating the best dual camera setup which also has the capability to capture amazing photographs in dark lighting or also in indoor conditions.

On every side, the company is facing peer pressure from their biggest competitors and in order to keep things under control, the new flagship model should deliver in terms of camera performance so that they don’t disappoint their long running customers. The upcoming model is expected to be made with a strong mix of glass and aluminum. Glass materials are required in order to support wireless charging. The position of the fingerprint sensor is being moved to the middle of the rear side so that it is readily accessible.New Leaked Info Suggests Samsung Galaxy S9

Obviously, Apple iPhone X has kick started the trend of Face ID and facial recognition to open a smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S9 will follow the same trend by making the technology available in both their flagship phones but luckily, they don’t have any plans to remove the fingerprint sensor. It allows the user to gain access to their smartphone through two different methods and quickly than ever.

Besides, all the other specifications found on the iPhone X including the OLED display and wireless charging are already available on Samsung devices for a long time now. The phone will also retain the 3.5-mm headphone jack making it easier to use your existing headphones rather than having to buy new ones or stick to Bluetooth headphones to listen to music. Companies like LG, HTC and Samsung are sticking to the headphone jack whereas others are getting rid of it with no prominent reason. The Galaxy S9 will have it which is the good news fans want to hear.