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Apple iPhone X is the most wanted gadget in the world but not so surprisingly, most will not be able to get their hands on one unless they have pre-ordered the device.

For everyone else, the Cupertino company has confirmed that stocks won’t be available for three to four weeks until production is complete.

But, that’s not the end of the story because there is still hope. If you are really keen on purchasing the iPhone X on launch day, you can still do so by heading to the store a day earlier and buying it through retail. Considering the level of demand the phone has in online pre-orders, it won’t be surprising to see the store extremely crowded and with limited stocks to sell for those who turn up in person.

Apple iPhone X on Launch Day

For those who are planning to spend a couple of hours and make sure they get their hands on the best phone in the world right now, here are some practical and must-know tips that will ensure you make the purchase.

Picking the Right Store Matters a Lot

Instead of simply going to a store that you feel is closest to you or randomly, you should actually consider picking the right store because they are bound to have more stock and will be ready to handle the crowd. The most popular locations like San Francisco or Palo Alto will be the stores with the maximum number of iPhone X models stocked while Los Gatos and Oakridge are some locations that people miss often.

Make sure you pick something that is close to you and will also be well-stocked to ensure you get your phone. Pick the right location but also try to see if it’s not too crowded as it will diminish your chances of getting to buy phone after waiting for hours in the line.

Apple iPhone X

Going Early

When it comes to products like the iPhone X or a new console from Sony or Microsoft, the definition of going early just differs drastically. You can no longer walk into a shop at 4:00 AM in the morning and hope to get one as soon as the store opens at 8:00 AM. Instead, it is mandatory to be there the night before the launch date and find a spot in the queue. Some people even start early in the afternoon or evening so as to reserve their first spot.

Don’t Go Alone, Grab a Friend

Ensuring your spot in the queue is safe needs a gadget hunting buddy along with you. Never go alone to such massive opening day because you will surely lose your spot suddenly. Besides, having a friend will also ensure you have someone to talk to and spend the entire night waiting for the store to open at 8:00 AM in the morning.

5 Must-Know Tips to Help You Buy Apple iPhone X on Launch Day

Be Prepared with Supplies

Spending a night in the open especially during the chilly month of November is no easy task. Make sure you are dressed in multiple layers of clothing, have leather jackets and books as well as camp tents to make the night easier to pass by. Keep rain coats and umbrella ready in case it rains at the most unexpected moment. Being prepared would never hurt with enough charge in your phone, battery packs and more gadgets to pass the night out in the open.

Pick Your Model Earlier

Before the store opens, the employees will usually ask for what model and color you are planning to go for. In case, some of them are not in stock they will announce earlier. Always keep a backup plan ready and buy the Apple iPhone X you want without any confusion on launch day.