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The team behind Whatsapp is working really hard to bring all the necessary features in time yet they find it difficult to deliver what is expected of them.

Delete for everyone or message revoke is an extremely popular feature that would save a lot of users from trouble.

Whenever you send a message to someone or a group, you might want to revoke it in case it is wrong or sensitive information shared with the wrong people. Being able to recall whatever text message, photo or file that you sent should be able to be pulled back but it never worked as intended. The problem is that be it iOS or Android, one or the other message will show in the notifications window.

Whatsapp Rolls Out Delete for Everyone

Even when a user deletes it from the Whatsapp interface, it often shows up in the notification and voids the purpose. The new Delete for Everyone is the last name that the team has fixed upon and it is reportedly being rolled out to users around the globe. If it doesn’t work for you yet, make sure to wait for a couple of days and the newest update is downloaded.

Being one of the largest text communication apps in the world, it is next to impossible for the development team to bring the feature to every user at once. The number crosses a billion which is why they often bring new features to one country at a time and delete for everyone is bit complicated. It might take a couple of weeks for it to be introduced to every other user and will be a welcome addition.

New Admin Features

Administrators of Whatsapp do need a lot of features so as to make it easy to manage groups with tens of members. The newest features which are being rolled out to make life easier for administrator includes the ability to select multiple members and remove them from the group when needed. The search participant is the feature which allows you to search a person using their name and do other actions such as removing, blocking them from a group’s conversation.

Whatsapp emoji

Besides, there is another option to be able to add new participant using a single tap of a button. The new emojis rolled out are also part of the latest update on Whatsapp for Android and is eventually being rolled out to iOS users as well. The emojis have received lots of negative comments from users because the faces are not as smiley or intuitively good looking as they should be.

Yet, the developers of Whatsapp didn’t make any comments on changing the emoji smileys back to their original position or at least make them look like the ones available on the Facebook Messenger.

Group Calls

A brand new feature which is sure to make a lot of users happy and make Whatsapp a worthy competitor for Skype is the ability to place group voice calls. Skype has been the primary player in this segment by allowing users to make multiple calls and make it possible for business users to stay in touch.

Whatsapp Rolls Out Delete for Everyone and Other Features for All

Recently, Whatsapp has been focusing strongly on adding business specific features. The ability to create a verified business account is the first step towards being a platform for business and getting more people on board, not just individuals anymore. For users, it is a welcome addition as they will be able to receive updates from a company or service provider without having to rely on the traditional SMS feature. Besides, the verified symbol allows them to stop spammers from gaining access to your phone number.