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The Apple app store is a fun place to be where you can download tons of new apps and games to keep your iOS devices, be it an iPhone or iPad the best looking and more useful.

However, it is not possible to buy them all at once due to the cost fact.

To make things easier for their long running customers, the developers of these apps throw free limited period downloads. During this period, you have to pay nothing because the entire list of iOS apps listed are free to download right away. Don’t waste any time and grab them up!

storyline iphone app

Airport + Flight Tracker

The name says it all! The handy iOS app saves you time and from the trouble of having to manually find your way through an airport or know if you have missed your flight already. Designed for frequent travelers, it is a must have app even for those who travel occasionally. It shows if you are flight is on time, delayed or cancelled besides allowing you to rebook them and keep in touch of the things available in a particular airport.


Do you love telling stories? Are you keen on letting the world know what you are up to and tap that creative side? In an era of smartphones, this is much easier to accomplish than ever. The iOS app Storyline has been specifically designed to let you create a bunch of slides, photos and use text to narrate a story. It can also be shared through e-mail, as a message or on popular social networks like Facebook.

Picfx iphone app


Picfx is like many other tools that let you add lots of filters to your photos and weave stories out of them. The good news is, this app can be used to create unique filters for both your photos and videos. Just pick your favorite filter, use image adjustment tools provided within and also enhance the contrast, color of a photo or video before adding in some unique filters.

Baby Mozart

No one is making fun of Mozart here or you for that matter because you may have a singer hidden inside you right? Tap that inner potential with Baby Mozart app which is specifically designed for babies. Actually to make them put to sleep while you sing popular rhymes along with the background music provided by the app. It has white noise, music and all the associated things to make babies go to sleep.

Fotograf iphone app


The Boba is an extension for Apple’s Safari browser which makes it easy to find what you need without having to spend minutes searching the website. All the most popular web content including the likes of Huffington Post, ESPN, NY Times and many others can be bookmarked so that they load quickly, providing you the news update you need.


Taking photographs on your iPhone is fun and so does this app is! Being a paid app that has gone free for a limited time, things are pretty intuitive here and great to use unlike any free app would usually do. The sheer number of high quality filters available within the Fotograf is just awesome as there are over 36 different filters to choose from. It also lets you create your own preset filters and change the look of those pictures within minutes.

Every other iOS app listed on top for your iPhone and iPad are worth having on your device. The story-telling app, baby songs or the photo filters, each of them will come in handy when you need them the most and being able to download them for free makes it great. Just grab it already!