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Facebook wants to make sure the month of Halloween, October is special and made as spooky as things could get.

A massive content rollout is coming to Facebook Messenger, the website and the app you use on iOS, Android.

The day is here and it’s time to celebrate Halloween day like no other because it is the prelude to upcoming Christmas season in just two months right? Inspired by ghosts, ghouls and all things spooky, the team has decided to bring in multiple features to make things fun between friends and family.

People using their phone camera for Facebook Live and on Messenger can choose to dress themselves up in a range of spooky frames, masks and also showcase their holiday mood using the stickers provided. The instructions are simple and as soon as you setup your call, you can choose to wear a ghost, wizard, witch or any other scary mask while talking to your friends.

Facebook Rolls Out Massive Halloween Content for Messenger

Whole New Interactive Game

Anyone who have had the chance to see South Park television series wouldn’t have missed the episode where trick or treat is done through Facetime on iPad. The same innovative concept has been made into a whole new interactive game on Facebook. People who are on camera can choose to change their looks like the kid next door and ask for treat. They will also be animated so as to make it look like they jumped out of a haunted house.

This game can easily make Halloween celebrations extremely fun because you are supposed escape a haunted house by jumping on walls and running through the corridor. It is very interactive because if you want to turn right, turn your face and the angle will change. Similarly going left needs to be done by manually turning your face in that direction. Players should also jump high to avoid pits and obstacles while on the run.

When the game comes to an end, you will be able to share your best scores with friends on Facebook and also show off a bit by posting those scores with your scary photograph. It will also send an invite to them all, asking them to participate and beat your current record.

Customized Posts

Facebook, as part of Halloween celebrations wants users to make posts look different and scarier than they usually are. To make it possible, the developers have rolled out a list of Halloween theme backgrounds using which you can create custom, text messages and post them online. While they look pretty much the same as the normal text messages, the choice of colors used and backgrounds make them Halloween friendly.

Facebook Massive Halloween

Scary Halloween Masks

As soon as they open the video cam chat, your friends or family members are supposed to get extremely shocked when they find you wearing a scary Halloween mask to scare the wits out of them. The app as alwayswill allow you to make one to one calls or do group conversations while wearing that virtual Halloween mask.

A large collection of stickers are available on Facebook Messenger that should help a lot of users get into the Halloween celebration mood this weekend. Besides, Facebook is expected to roll out some unique content and ways to make it a memorable, scary Halloween of all time for all age groups. In case if you have the lite version of the Messenger on your phone, consider using the full version so as to experience how good and creative the new stickers are. Make sure to check out all the screenshots so as to get an idea of what Facebook wants you to do this holiday season.

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