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A series of new patents were spotted by a dedicated Samsung website that confirms that the company is working on ways to embed the fingerprint on the display.

As the year comes close to an end, the company is getting ready for another big flagship launch in the first half of 2018. With Apple iPhone X being a tough competitor, it is time for Samsung Galaxy S9 to prove itself in the highly competitive market with innovative features that users love.

While the Galaxy S8 is a great phone which featured a stylish, bezel less display and a powerful processor on the inside, the positioning of the fingerprint sensor on the back was rather awkward. Most users found it extremely difficult to touch the button to unlock the phone because of the thin design and the length of the smartphone. The designers are working a way around and the patent suggests it will be directly integrated in the display in front of the phone.

Samsung Signs New Patent for Galaxy S9 to Embed Fingerprint on Display  

Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus are the upcoming flagship models from the company. When they get launched possibly in the month of April next year, the manufacturer will compete with iPhone X and Essential Phone. Both phones have pioneered the design of using very thin bezels on top for the camera whereas keeping the overall design free of any signs of buttons or dark black lines.

Based on the patent images, it seems the designers are planning to add a black notch. The tear shaped area will act both as a touch screen and also as a touch sensor button capable of detecting the fingerprint of the phone’s user. Considering the large size of the Samsung GalaxyS9, the button will obviously be placed at the bottom area for easy access.

Pressure Sensitive Touch Button

There are lots of technical difficulties involved in making it possible. The designers will not only integrate a fingerprint sensor on top of the display but they are supposed to make it into a button which works based on the pressure exerted on top of it.

A small notch is expected to be found at the bottom of the display which kind of spoils the aesthetics of the phone. The designers of the Galaxy S9 may take a break to think the aesthetics before implementing it on the phone. The bezel is extremely thin which poses a practical difficult in implementing a sensor on it.

A section of the display is expected to be converted into a pressure sensitive area so that it can be used to fingerprint as well as a user’s touch to trigger multiple actions based on how the person wants to make use of the button.

Samsung Signs New Patent for Galaxy S9 to Embed Fingerprint

Getting Rid of iPhone X’s Facial Only Unlock Mode

At the moment, it is more of a rumor even though the patent suggests otherwise. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus may never feature such a notch on the phone’s design in the end. But, it is an obvious fact that they have to come up with a solution to allow a person to gain access to his or her phone without having to rely solely on facial recognition as the Apple iPhone X does. Having to face the device everytime to unlock it doesn’t sound so intuitiveand smartphone manufacturers are working round-the-clock to find a possible solution.

The patent images provided below should give you an idea of how the notch will be placed on the Galaxy S9, if it all the engineers at Samsung decide to use it as their selling point in their next phone. More prominence will be given to camera performance as well as Google Pixel 2 scored much higher in the DxO mark scores.