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The team behind Whatsapp wants to make life easy for millions of users who use the app on a daily basis for communication.

While new features like voice calls, video calls and group chat had made things more intuitive, they aren’t done with it.

There’s one important feature the voice calling setup in Whatsapp lacks. You still can’t make group calls using it and when one has to talk as a group, they have to move to a completely different app which voids the purpose. Instead of that, the developers have confirmed that they are internally working on it and will soon provide more details on the same.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any screenshots or significant details with regards to the group calling feature. But, going by the same which is already available in other apps, we can easily confirm that all it is going to do is allow users to make group calls and keep in touch with friends. Similarly, it will also be a handy and essential tool for business users who often have to host group calls for business meetings.

Notify Friends When You Change Number

How many times did you change your phone number and had to manually text or call everyone to let them know it has changed? The process is very tedious and with almost everyone an average individual knows use Whatsapp, it is much easier to send a group message to all contacts or select contacts with your new phone number.

The company has been slowly building a database of their own like Truecaller. Soon, whenever you receive a message or text from an unknown person the app will collect details and provide their name, location among other basic info within the app’s interface.

In the notify contacts window, users have the option to choose all contacts, select contacts or choose specific contacts who will be ignored from the list. Everyone else will receive the notification.

Notify Friends When You Change Number whatsapp

New Dynamic Time Stickers Incoming

Whatsapp team wants to go beyond their own interface and occupy a space in your smartphone. The newly announced dynamic time stickers are specifically designed to make the emojis as part of your home screen. When you choose one of the multiple emojis available in the app, they will be added to a timestamp and displayed in the home screen.

The concept is similar to owning a clock app to instantly see the time but it does add a playful touch to it by including emojis. Recently, all the emojis in the Whatsapp interface received an overhaul and it makes it easier to convince users to keep those faces in the home screen. They are more expressive than before and is a stark change from the usual clock app that most people use.

Stickers Incoming whatsapp

Quick Emoji Search

With so many new stickers and emojis now available for the app, Whatsapp users desperately needed a search feature and it is now under development. The team will soon rollout an update which will bring the search feature to emojis. Instead of having to manually search each faces, shape or content, you can simply type human, monkey, robot and it will display the list of emoji faces that match the keyword.

The feature doesn’t make a huge difference in the way the app works and users connect with it. However, such simple additions always makes Whatsapp or any other app for that matter more intuitive and easy to use than having to manually search things from a huge list of things available.

Quick Emoji Search whatsapp

Whatsapp has already received verified business messages and will soon add revoke feature as well as the ability to pin messages.