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When a device gets launched from the house of Razer, you won’t be judged for assuming that it has something to do with gaming one way or other.

After all, throughout the years Razer has consistently worked towards becoming the best they could be in the world of gaming. They are primarily known as PC gaming peripheral manufacturer and the green snakes would instantly remind any buyer of their favorite FPS or MOBA game.

Razer Deathadder is the most popular and consistently best-selling product. It is a gaming mouse that looks sleek, practically designed and serves the purpose. The company later started expanding their horizon with products like keyboards, laptops and even a gaming tablet that didn’t take off so well.

Razer Smartphone Release Date

Stepping into a New Zone

Razer Blade laptops are amazing and they are extremely powerful, designed for gaming but would also get the job done for everyday office work. The top tech Youtubers love to rely on the Blade for their editing needs right after Apple’s Macbook Pro models.

Carrying on the name they have built through the years, it is now officially confirmed that the Razer Smartphone is coming. The company has confirmed that they will launch this new device on November 1st. The device’s specifications, performance and design is kept under wraps until the end of the month.

Razer Smartphone Release Date Confirmed

A Gaming Device to Compete PS Vita and Nintendo Switch

While Razer is not going to explicitly state the facts,their device is obviously going to compete with the latest and happening handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. They will probably go for a Nvidia Tegra chip which offers best performance on handhelds without heating up and deliver the frames state-of-the-art titles need.

Sony has literally abandoned the PS Vita a long time ago. Even though, the handheld gaming device is still relevant in Japan and Asia with so many titles coming up, there isn’t anything to look forward to for the audience in US, UK or Europe. However, the Nintendo Switch stands tall with its hybrid nature.

Almost every new device released these days can be connected to a television one way or other. If Razer smartphone will work a television, it will become the hybrid gaming console a lot of PC gamers are looking for. The company has a strong place among desktop and laptop gamers. Considering their fanbase, relying on Android may not provide the right type of games which is why it becomes mandatory to connect the phone with a Windows 10 PC to get the best experience.

Razer Smartphone Release it a Gaming Phone

Support for Peripherals

The upcoming smartphone which will be unveiled on November 1stwill definitely support all gaming peripherals like gaming controllers, headsets and more. Razer is a peripheral company first before they turned into a hardware manufacturer and launched laptops, tablets. They are now venturing into the smartphone zone and Android OS seems to be the appropriate choice.

When it provides native support for peripherals, at least for the ones made by Razer the company has a better chance at attracting more gamers to purchase the new smartphone for the special features it has. With just three weeks to go, it won’t be a long wait before the hyped smartphone gets launched.

The Razer smartphone is expected to be extremely powerful in terms of hardware and will have the glowing green snake in the back, but it’s also important that the manufacturer prices the device at the right point. Affordable devices always have a better chance at becoming popular in the mainstream market especially considering the fact this is a smartphone and not a high-end gaming laptop like the Blade.