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Whatsapp is about to become bigger and better as the development team has planned a bunch of updates for the Android and iOS versions in the following months.

For a long time now, the revoke feature is the most wanted of them all. The team is working on it and will soon announce how the message recall feature actually works. In addition to it, multiple features including verified business, new stickers inspired by Facebook Messenger, a brand new logo for Business and many more are coming.

whatsapp Contact Info for Unknown Numbers

Verified Business

The verified business logo and the tick icon is already available for many brands. It allows them to easily connect with their customers, send notifications and promotions in a non-intrusive manner. The developers of Whatsapp provide a verified business because it stops spammers and scammers from gaining access to customer contacts.

New Stickers

Inspired by Facebook Messenger, the team is working on bringing a huge collection of stickers to the Whatsapp interface. Soon, users on Android and iOS platforms will be able to send stickers to their friends and family. The only drawback is that they haven’t designed something new but rather used the exact design from the Messenger app, making it a not-so interesting choice for people who are already accustomed to what FB provides.

Whatsapp emojis

Expressive Emojis

Whatsapp emojis are also fully redesigned and screenshots of the same are available online. The overall look of the emojis are modified so that they look more expressive with larger eyes and a completely different look. It may not bring much of a change to the overall interface but still is a valuable addition to make the app look as relevant as possible.

Business Logo

The traditional green Whatsapp logo will be maintained. Instead of the conventional caller icon, it will be replaced with B which indicates that it belongs to a business. According to the developers, the app will make it easier for companies to stay in touch with their customers. Instead of using traditional SMS methods, all updates and forwards can now be sent through the app for both iOS and Android users.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is a continuous rumor that has been floating around for a while. Whatsapp team never comments on rumors but more users are asking the developer to bring a dark mode so that they can use it in the night and low light conditions. They may soon reveal the feature but no screenshots got leaked so far but we do hope it is under development and will soon be revealed by the company.

whatsapp Verified Business

Contact Info for Unknown Numbers

Whenever users receive a message or call from an unknown number, they will automatically receive a contact card. The information stored in Whatsapp will be related to the user so that they can make an informed decision. In case it belongs to someone they know, it is possible to call them back or reply. For spam calls and those that are not related to you, all you need to do is simply block it and avoid getting scammed by random people.

With Android 8.0 Oreo rolling out to newer devices, Whatsapp will also receive picture in picture mode. It will allow users to make a video call and at the same time, they can seamlessly browse other apps on the fly. It may not work with all devices because Oreo rollout will take place only in approved devices. Google Pixel 2 will be the first to receive it followed by flagship models from other manufacturers. Whatsapp should be a much better texting app when all these features are eventually rolled out.