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The latest version of Whatsapp available in the store is 2.17.60 for the iOS edition.

The developers have listed all the possible updates coming to the version and one of the important features is the all-new stickers.

While apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and even Whatsapp’s direct competitors like WeChat uses ample amounts of stickers to make things expressive, the company refrained from introducing it in their own application. Things have changed ever since and the team has decided to finally roll out those cool stickers.

Whatsapp stickers

Cool Stickers but Copied

Facebook Messenger has been using stickers for a very long time now and even has its standalone app. And, the company happens to own Whatsapp as well. As they have a huge collection of expressive stickers on board, the developers didn’t try to do something entirely new. Instead, they just imported all the available stickers to the Whatsapp interface and soon Android as well as iOS Users will be able to download them so as to send it to their friends or family.

While these stickers are very cool looking with large smileys, a large collection of copyrighted materials from famous characters and looks like 3D renders, they are already being used in Facebook Messenger. Copying them directly without any changes make Whatsapp look like it borrowed the entirely technology from Messenger without building a style of its own.

Whatsapp Stickers are Exactly the Same as Facebook Messenger

From a developer perspective, things are easier to import an entire collection that is already available rather than risking some new designs. But, for long time users of the app it may not sync so well as they are not happy with the some of the features. The live status updates on Whatsapp was detested by most that they were forced to bring text statuses back.

New stickers may not have such an impact because they don’t alter the way the app works or affect its basic functionality. Yet, a newer, more Whatsapp-like design could have worked better on the long run and would have made users happy.

Whatsapp Stickers Same as Facebook Messenger

The stickers are still in their beta and is not officially found on Android, iOS or Windows Phone versions of Whatsapp yet. The developers are busy rolling out multiple features including the ability to switch between a voice call and video call on the fly. Such updates may be restricted to Android 80 Oreo because it supports picture in picture mode whereas older Android versions won’t. A host of new features are expected to come out of betain the following weeks.