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Google Pixel 2 wants to be the phone of the future as the flagship phone is taking a route that even Apple would hesitate to try.

The company is obviously going to get rid of the 3.5mm audio jack which may annoy lots of users but it’s the future for phones, according to most companies.

A surprising new rumor claims that the upcoming flagship phone will not only get rid of the audio slot but will also remove the SIM card slot. Most buyers are going to get extremely confused at this claim because if they don’t have a SIM card, how are they supposed to have cellular connectivity? Google has some new plans for it as they have announced that it comes bundled with an eSIM as a hardware integration. With the help of this new technology, users will be able to switch carriers without having to manually use different SIM cards.

Google Pixel 2

The only drawback in implementing such new technologies is that not every country may support it as well as US or the UK would. Besides, the entire concept of eSIM is geared towards making the phone fully compatible with Google’s own Project Fi cellular network. The same tech is already being used by none other Apple in their newly launched Apple Watch 3.

It’s not advisable to make any conclusions so early because these are all just rumors. In the end, Google Pixel 2 may simply go with a traditional SIM card slot because the world is still relying on hardware components and it may not be practically possible to implement eSIM on a global scale. At this point, there is no way to save the 3.5mm audio jack because all flagship models are slowly getting rid of the port so as to make phones slimmer, water proof and to unify the ports so that charging, multimedia can be done through the same USB Type C port.

Google Pixel 2 corilla glass

Based on the information revealed so far, the new flagship smartphone will be powered by the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6GB of RAM and use stereo front speakers for the best audio output. The Pixel 2 will sport a familiar 1080p full HD display while the Pixel XL will have a much bigger display with QHD resolution and support Wide Color Gamut by default.

Durable finish is something you can expect from Google phones as it features Gorilla Glass 5 and has been rated with IP67 water resistance. A 2,700 mAh battery will be used for the smaller phone and 3,250 mAh for the larger Pixel 2 smartphone but the former will not receive a dual camera setup.