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In the last couple of hours, the internet has gone abuzz with just one news that has made everyone lose their mind over it.

World’s largest micro blogging platform is losing its original design and going with an increased character count.

On Twitter, users can send tweets that should have just 140-characters. When it was first launched, it was such a nuisance but soon people found it really useful to share their emotions in a crisp manner. Marketing platforms used it to redirect traffic to their own website but the scenario is about to undergo a major change.

Two representatives from the company Aliza Rosen and Ikuhiro Ihara wrote in their tweet that when the character limit is more, people tend to tweet more which in turn increases activity on the website. Later, founders of the website came up with an official announcement. They sent a really long 280-character tweet on their accounts.

For many who used to see short catchy phrases on the website, it was weird to read such a long paragraph and the internet immediately went into negative rage over this news. Most of these people are regular Twitter users and were visibly disappointed by this decision.

Bullying and Trolling is Bound to Increase

Many users believed that with celebrities using Twitter as their primary platform to communicate with fans, this could easily become a choice of place to troll them more. Bullying is a huge problem on the internet especially on websites like Facebook but tweets were short and comments don’t show up. It made Twitter a safe place until now because the increased character count would just void the purpose.

Losing Market Share

Marketing products, services and news on Twitter is another important reason that made the platform so famous. Seasoned marketing experts believe people are bound to feel they are being bombarded with so much content that it decreases the potential. If users don’t like long tweets, they will stop seeing the promotions which in turn will push marketers out of the platform.

A set of mixed responses float all over the web right now as Twitter is about to test the new 280-character limited and eventually roll out the option to all users worldwide. When they do so, it may be met with a backlash or users might eventually realize its benefits and adopt it. It is to be seen if it works in the favour of the company or not.

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