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With the advent of online streaming, more and more users are have started to watch anime via on-demand apps. There are platforms that provide TV series, movies, documentaries, sports to watch at their own convenience.

In short, Anime is the abbreviation of Animation, originated from Japan, There is a lot of craze of Japanese Animes all over the world and several sites provide you authentic Japanese Animes to enjoy in your own country.

Today, we are listing 5 such legal Anime watching websites – making your decision much easier to choose which one to watch at the end of the article.


While wanting to watch Anime, one such website which comes to users mind is AnimeLab, the legal platform which lets residents of Australia and New Zealand watch authentic Animes. Till now the website is available to watch only for residents of these two countries but it will soon expand and be accessible in several other countries. Talking about the Anime content, viewers can watch Animes like One Punch Man, Death Lab, Blue Exorcists etc on the platform at high quality.

For unlimited access to the Anime collection, users can subscribe to Premium membership costing only AUD 6. Compatible to watch on your Android, iOS, Chromecast platforms, Anime watching is now at your palms.


Considered to have among the best of the Anime Collection as compared to several other streaming websites, Crunchyroll boasts of over 950 Anime titles.  From mangas, premiums, Shows, and news, users can watch their favorite Anime, get to know information about particular Anime and also get recommendations to watch on the platform. Yes, the platform has two version, free and paid ones, but the membership does not sound expensive as you need to only spend $6.95 every month for unlimited access.

Also to have a glance at the premium version, you can go for 14 days trial period and then decide whether to go for it or not.  Crunchyroll lets you get the latest Anime just after an hour it is aired in Japan. How cool, right.


Viewster is majorly known to be a movie streaming website but that does not make it less of a Anime watching. In fact, it has pretty good Anime collection which even Netflix and Hulu does not have. With vast Anime content, Viewster has different collection for a different country. USA is said to have best Anime catalog which can be accessed in different countries with USA proxy.

Bravo man, Seraph of the End, Bokura ga Ita, Samurai Champloo, Demon King, Key the Metal Idol are some of the most watched Animes and there is no cost hidden for watching Anime on the platform


Just like we have Google a search engine for everything we look for, the same way is a search engine for Animes. Yes, all the Animes from all the websites are listed on the search engine. Simply search the Anime by the name and click on which platform you wish to see. The Thumbnail has links to all the platforms which let you watch the particular Anime.

Websites like Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Funimation etc are linked so you get to know which Anime is provided by which websites. Animes like Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, Eureka Seven, Hunter X Hunter etc are available to search on It is a licensed platform.


In partnership with Hulu, Yahoo has been able to stream Tv shows, Movies, Animes to its viewers. Although Hulu content is not much on the platform, Yahoo View has some good Anime titles to watch for. With Animes listed in Latest, Popular, Genre-wise, the thumbnail view makes it easier to click on Anime you want to watch. Upon clicking on a particular Anime, users can get the synopsis of the show with Episodes listed just below.

From English Dubbed to Subtitles ones, users can get to know which of the Anime is available to watch in Dubbed and Sub. Animes like The Reflection, Classroom of the Elite, One Punch man, Reborn etc can be watched on the Platform for free.

Final Thoughts

There are many anime websites which let you watch for free. But not all websites are legal and can have pirated Animes. They may snatch your personal information which can prove dangerous so it is advisable to watch Anime on a legal platform. The above 5 websites are all licensed ones and provide simulcast Japanese Animes.

The Anime collection is quite good on all the platforms and the interface is very easy to use. If you are new to watching Anime, reading brief info mentioned on the Animes can help you watch Anime of your favorite genre. Try and keep the Anime love intact with all these legal websites to watch Anime.