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Apple has officially released the iOS 11 operating system to the supported devices today.

Your iPhone and iPad is about to change like never before as the developers had made the OS more intuitive, easy to use and customizable than ever before.

The majority of the cool features are coming to the iPad making it more Desktop PC like while framework changes are coming to the iPhones.

System-Wide Dock

The iPad will soon have a system-wide dock when iOS 11 is installed on it. It allows users to drag their finger from the bottom of the screen and it will instantly bring up the dock, providing a list of your favorite apps in it.

Apple iPad look

Better Split Screen Usage

With the newest update, you can also easily choose the apps that should run in split screen mode. While the feature was rolled out earlier, it has been perfected and easier to access now. When you keep dragging your finger from the bottom of the screen, it open’s a bird’s eye view of your recent apps and workspaces. Drop the icon from dock to the main screen and when two apps are dropped, they open in split screen mode.

Customizable Shortcuts

Compared to Android, the level of customization available on the Control Center is very limited. But, we should be thankful that Apple now allows us to make changes to some of the shortcuts, if not all of them. It is now possible to add a shortcut to Apple TV or use a battery saving app shortcut for instant access.

Drag Drop Your Files and Photos

Just like a desktop computer, you can drag and drop any photo, documents, files or links to a wide range of apps. This is easily the best and most intuitive feature the developers have rolled out in iOS 11. It’s easy to upload files to Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive on your iPad by simply dragging and dropping them.

Apple iPad ios 11

Revamped App Store

Apple developers have revamped the entire app store making it easier for users to find what they need and get more info any about every app or game with just a glance. The interface is easy to understand, simple and neatly stacked up.

Despite all the great Desktop-like feature iOS 11 brings to Apple iPad, all the changes in the iPhone is behind the screen and is in the framework rather than in the user end.