Recent rumors about the Google Pixel 2 indicated that it will come with a top-tier Snapdragon 836 Processor.

However, sources have hinted at the fact that there will not be any Snapdragon 836 processor in the future, leaving industry players and analysts wondering if this is the end of all Snapdragon Processors.

Yes, the two Google Pixel Flagships will sport a Snapdragon processor, but industry insiders speculate that it will be the existing Snapdragon 835. The 835 is the most powerful chip on the market and has been performing well, leaving no need for any other upgrade. Upgrading the processor would not bring about changes that would shift the market considerably, so there is simply no demand.

Relying on Precedent

Qualcomm speculation

Qualcomm has had a tradition of introducing a new chipset, to upgrade from the previous one. However, minor upgrades have not shown any major changes in manufacturer or customer preferences. People will only change their smartphones when changes are considerable.

If you look at the changes made in the Snapdragon 800 to 801 and the 820 to 821, you will see that there was no major response from the market and therefore there may not be any need to move from 835 to 836. The 835 is still the most remarkable chip to date.

Qualcomm not done with chips as yet

Although industry experts say that there will not be a Snapdragon 836, Qualcomm has not abandoned their search for a more powerful, but efficient chipset. There is a lot of speculation that the next one will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which will have major changes in capacity. Others say that it will be 837 as confirmed by OnePlus, but all this is simply speculation.

Qualcomm rumors

Speculation is rife that the Snapdragon 845 is already in existence and will be used to make the next generation Samsung Galaxy S9, but these are simply rumors. The two companies have not given any credence to these speculations.

People feel that a major jump in processor power will bring about serious changes in the manufacture of smartphones and the features they will have, not to mention the price tag. The smartphone industry is filled with a lot of mystery, and customers will just have to wait and see which chipset Qualcomm will come up with, the mobile manufacturer to first use it, the features that the processor will support, and the price of the resultant flagship phone.

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