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The smartphone universe is rife with leaks, rumors and a lot of speculation.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy is out in the market, users and industry watchers are now looking at Apple, to see the Flagship they will launch this year.

The Year 2017 is the 10th anniversary since Apple launched their first iPhone. Rumors have indicated that the smartphone giant will mark the 10th anniversary by having a special nomenclature for their device. Some say that it will be called iPhone 8, others say iPhone 8 Plus and another group says it will be called iPhone Edition.

iPhone edition

Some rumors have gone a step further to say that Apple will launch more than one flagship device this year. The traditional iPhone release and one special one made to commemorate the year, called the iPhone 10 or iPhone X.

iPhone X

The leaks go further than just the naming of the device, with specs coming out about it design.

The design

  1. The Display

Speculation about the 2017 iPhone indicates that it will follow in the steps of Samsung and LG and introduce a display that will cover the font of the face, and having curves to remove the bezels on the edges.

The leaks also show a device that will not have a Touch ID Fingerprint sensor, and will rely on facial recognition to unlock the phone. The company is also said to have removed the physical home button. The top of the handset will have some small bezels where the space for the front camera will be.

Looking further at the display design, the screen dimensions will be 5.5 inches, and only 5.15 inches will be used. The remaining space will be allocated to virtual space, where gestureswill be made to navigate the phone rather than the physical home button.

The 2017 iPhone will imitate LG and include a plastic OLED display for better color reproduction. The OLED display also means that the device will be much thinner than any of its older iterations.

  1. The Body

The 2017 iPhone 8 will have a glass body similar to the one used in iPhone 4. The glass will wrap around a protective stainless steel frame much like that of the Apple watch. Although future models will have a glass body, they will have an aluminum frame and not stainless steel.

A supplier of iPhone parts has indicated that the body will have an IP68 waterproof rating. This means that it will hold off splashes, rain and submersion in water.

A look at the speculated innards of the iPhone 8

Given that this is a device that will mark the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone’s existence, the processor used is bound to be more powerful than that of the iPhone 7 series. The iPhone 7 sported an A10 processor which is incredibly fast.

The iPhone 8 may have an “A11” processor, which is speculated to be generations ahead of the A10 Fusion chip of the iPhone 7. The Taiwan-based TSMC will be building this new chip using the 10nm manufacturing process. This is the same technology that was used for the Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 from Qualcomm and Samsung respectively.

The new iPhone will also have a vertical dual-lens camera setup at the back and a front camera that will boast of 3D-sensing capabilities. This means that the front camera will be able to sense the location and depth of objects in 3D. This will imbue augment reality features on the camera.

Other features

The device will have wireless charging technology and the display will have True Tone capabilities. This means that it will be able to adjust accordingly to changes in ambient light. It will also have embedded volume pads on the sides and a mute button on the left. It will have a SIM tray towards the right and a slim power button on the right too.

iPhone naming

The speculation around the 10th anniversary iPhone indicate a device that will amaze users across the board, irrespective of their brand affinity. The launch date is coming soon, and people are waiting with bated breath to see how the phone will look and perform.