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BaselWorld 2017 saw major fashion house, Diesel, announce its smartwatch collection, which has the acronym “On”.

The first smartwatch of this collection is finally available and is going for $325 at Macy’s.

Customers can also make pre-sale orders online and get the devices when they are finally rolled out to the masses. The first devices have a black case and a brown strap made of leather.

In the United States, customers looking forward to sporting these devices on their hands will have to wait for 25th September to come along. The difference between the first four watches of the “On” collection will only have cosmetic differences.

Customers in the UK will have to wait until the 14th of October to get their hands on these new smartwatches. The cost in the UK will be between £325 and £349.

Customers of the new Diesel On Guard collection will be spoilt for choices given that it will be available in a variety of colors and accessories. The cases will be black, gray, gold, black with silver lugs. The straps will be black leather, black metal, gold metal and brown leather.

All the four watches will have the same Snapdragon 2100 processor from Qualcomm, IP67 water resistance, a “High Resolution” AMOLED display and all these will be placed in a 48mm case.


The Diesel T-ON-I smartwatch app is the one that has customers drooling about getting this smartwatch. The company has enhanced the software to add some rather interesting features to the device.

The Acronym stands for Time, Organizing, Notification and Intelligence (T-ON-I). There are filters placed on the face of the watchthat add some weird effects to the Android Wear Experience. There is one which turn off the screen when you have put it on the “Do Not Disturb” mode. The odd thing is thatthe screen actually displays cracks when you get any notification. The more notifications you get, the cracks that appear on the screen. It is like the notifications are breaking through the screen demanding your attention. The second one is that which fogs up the screen if you laze around too much.

These features may be a bit zany, but they are an innovative way of visually bringing information to your attention. It is also a breath of fresh wear to see a designer come up with another way of making smartwatch faces unique.

There are a lot of smartwatches on the market and Diesel came up with a way of making their smartwatches look and feel different. This should push other designer to think out-of-the box when conceptualizing their future designs.

Other smartwatch brands include Michael Kors Access Sophie and Grayson, Fossil Q Venture and Explorer, Emporio Armani Connected and Luis Vuitton Tambour Horizon.

There are still many other features that are yet to be explored on the Diesel On Guard smartwatch and some of these will be seen after it is given a road test at the IFA show. There definitely will be more news on this amazing smartwatch.