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The Jolla Sailfish X operating system has undergone its fair share of hardships since the company was first launched.

Jolla was formed after Nokia wound up the MeeGo division. The new Jolla was to bring a Linux-based smartphone operating system that would compete with Google’s Android OS.

The first challenges that the company faced was lack of funds which made the company abandon the Jolla Tablet, announced in 2015, and having to lay off a large number of employees.

Come to the year 2017, and they are looking to launch the Sailfish X operating system using the Sony Xperia X smartphone.

Sony has also had its fair share of hard knocks in the smartphone business. However, the company has shown a willingness to come back with a bang. Sony has always had an open policy about software developments, and the partnership with Jolla seem to be in keeping with this tradition.

The Jolla-Sony partnership is not just going to be limited to the Xperia X. They have made the operating system such that anyone who is running Android on their device can change to Sailfish X, through flashing.

Sony Xperia X and Jolla Sailfish X

A few misgivings

Although the two companies feel that the launch will be a big success, there are users who are grumbling at this partnership. First of all, Jolla has decided to launch their unknown OS, Sailfish X, on a device that is out of the price range of most users. Secondly, other past Sailfish X releases were easy to flash on Android phones. However, this particular version may be a bit too complicated for normal users to manage without expert help.

Sony does not have a clear smartphone strategy, especially when it comes to making affordable devices to launch alongside their high-end devices. This has led to poor sales, which had many industry experts thinking that the company would sell its smartphone division, like it sold the computer VIAO division, and then stick to audio-visual products.

The Sony Xperia X has also been said to be less than a flagship due to its low-level specs. The device comes with a 23 megapixel camera, a Snapdragon 650 processor, 5-inch 1080p display and 3GB of RAM.

The Positive Aspect

The Sailfish X OS will do away with the hard and soft buttons that you find on Android phones. Getting to use the OS will require swiping in from one side to another. Swiping left to right will give an overview of running processes. Swiping from the bottom will launch the app drawer.

Sony Xperia X

This new operation will definitely confuse some Android users who may want to switch to Sailfish X. It will definitely take some getting used to.


Whether the partnership between Jolla Sailfish X and Sony Xperia X will appeal with users is yet to be seen. The two hardly feature on most forums and discussions, but they do have a following of loyal fans who will be eagerly waiting to see the results of the pairing. Will it be great? That is still yet to be seen.