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The issue of battery drain has been a touchy topic among smartphone users.

A lot of theories are passed on about why a battery deteriorates and starts draining faster. From improper charging to using high-power apps, the list is endless.

However, users have shown a marked notion that there are some phones that will drain the battery faster than others, even when used and charged in identically. Now it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has made it to this list of battery-draining smartphones, but is there any truth to these claims?

Before phones are adorned the name of “battery drainer”, users should take a look at some of the things that one can do to slow down the rate of battery drain on their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices.

Check on the Background Apps

Galaxy Note 8 surprise things

There are apps that run processes in the background even if they are not being used. Some of these processes include searching for updates and other similar functions, and these will increase the rate of battery drain.

For example, some chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook do use a lot of your battery resources. You only need to check the battery in your settings and see just how much these apps consume in terms of power. Make sure that you turn off these processes when you access each app, or simply stop the sync feature on the Note 8.

Restrict Connectivity Features

The connectivity features and services, such as GPS, locations, LTE and other features that you do not need should be turned off. You will notice an i9mporvement in the battery life, once you stop them from running unnecessarily.

Galaxy Note 8 connectivity

Many people love the GPS setting on their phones and are not willing to turn them off. With the Power Saving Mode activated, the GPS settings will be switched on and off by the phone according to the use. When it is not required, it will be switched off.

The Power Saving Mode also does other things that slow the speed of the processor. The backlit keys will be blocked, the display frame rate will also lower. This means less processor power, and therefore less pressure on the Galaxy Note 8 battery.

Tethering is another connectivity feature that you should use sparingly. When you tether the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you basically use the resources continuously. Actually, this is one thing that will reduce the life of your battery, irrespective of which phone model you use.


Galaxy Note 8 battery

There are several other ways in which you can reduce the power drain on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery. These will enhance the life of the battery and you will not be connecting the phone all the time. There is no need in claiming that this phone, which is said to be the best for the year 2017, has such a huge problem with the battery. When users buy a feature-rich phone, they should know how to minimize the drain by tweaking some of these features.

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