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WhatsApp is known to almost every smartphone owner across the globe.

In fact, some Android phones come preinstalled with the app, taking away the hassle that users of the phones would have gone through to download and install it.

One thing that makes WhatsApp so popular is the ease of downloading, installing and setting it up on every phone, be it Android, iOS or Windows. Each of these platforms’ app stores has the app waiting for you to get it, but you won’t find the enhanced WhatsApp Plus on any of them.

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Plus is a clone version of the original app. It offers everything that you get on the Facebook-owned version, but it has lots of other hidden features to enhance your user experience. Whether you want to share a text, photo, video or audio message – this app has your back.

WhatsApp Plus lets you share messages with anyone using the app as well as those using the standard version. In addition, the modified version also supports voice and video calling services, but as noted there’s more. The chat app has some of the best privacy features you can imagine. Even though WhatsApp already allows users to hide their last seen status as well as the blue ticks, this clone version of the app takes this experience to a whole new level.

Using WhatsApp Plus, users can not only hide their last seen status and read receipts (blue ticks), but they can also hide the second tick that confirms a message has been delivered to the recipient’s device. This feature is also available on GBWhatsApp, another clone version of the original app. Prior to the latest version 5.91, which weighs in at 40.8MB, WhatsApp Plus didn’t support the ability to create groups by sending an invitation link to your contacts, but this feature is now available.


The app also lets you take advantage of an always online mod where your contacts will always see your status as “online” for 24 hours a day, but this will drain your battery more. As noted earlier, you can make voice and video calls, but WhatsApp Plus also lets you disable voice calling, send any file type as well as change the theme of the app to something that fits you perfectly.

Other goodies of WhatsApp Plus include ability to change the launcher icon’s appearance, lock the app without the need of a third-party app, apply different conversation styles, copy anyone’s status to the clipboard as well as use up to 255 characters in your status. This modified version also lets you share up to 90 photos at once as opposed to the limited 30 on WhatsApp.

Every good thing, no matter how good, has its flaws. One major flaw of WhatsApp Plus is that it’s not available for download via the Google Play Store. Of the 2 billion people that use Android across the globe, it’s probably a small fraction that has a geeky understanding of how to deal with Android. For instance, if an app is not available directly in the Play Store, there are other ways you can get it installed on your Android phone.

This is what happens with WhatsApp Plus. The app was at some point available for download via the Play Store, but it was removed after WhatsApp reportedly labeled it as a copycat, something the Play Store doesn’t entertain. Still, you can get it from other sources on the web and install it manually on your phone.

WhatsApp Plus andriod

The installation process is quite simple once you download the file in the link above, but make sure you have enabled Unknown sources in your phone’s security settings. This allows installation of apps from outside the Play Store on your phone. Also, setting WhatsApp Plus is no different from what you do on the standard version. If your phone has two SIM cards, you can install this Plus version alongside the original version and use them without any issues.

So, while some might be hoping that someday WhatsApp Plus will be back in the Play Store, it seems this day is not so close. WhatsApp doesn’t look like backing down, at least any time soon. Still, we are confident that most of you out there think this app deserves a return to the Play Store, right? Let us know in your comments below.