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WhatsApp leads while others follow.

The instant messaging app has more than 1.3 billion monthly active subscribers, a figure no other IM has managed in history.

It’s not easy to keep such a huge user base happy, but somehow, the Facebook-owned app does try achieving this, even if it’s not all the time. But this time around, every user of the app on Android and Windows Phone will be smiling at the latest updates.

Let’s start with the popular Android.

At long last, users of WhatsApp on Android can now enjoy using the colorful text status feature. As long as you are using version 2.17.297 of the chat app, you are good to go. So far, the latest version in the Google Play Store carriers number 2.17.296, which means you need to be in the beta program in order to enjoy this new feature.

WhatsApp beta instant mess

With the text status feature, WhatsApp is clearly showing that Facebook has some real influence in how it does business. The giant social networking platform has a similar feature for its billions of users. You can craft a status text and before posting it, you can throw in an emoji as well as change the background color. Well, this is exactly what the new WhatsApp colorful status text is all about. In addition, you can also change the font of your text status before posting it on WhatsApp.

This is a cool addition for the many who use WhatsApp on Android. Before this latest version, it was already possible to add text on pictures, but do keep in mind that text status, as the name suggests, is limited to text. However, it’s possible to change the color of the text and even include links to this text status. The filters that the app received recently can also be applied to the new text status feature.

You might probably be asking where this cool text status feature is hidden on your app. Well, it’s easy to locate it. You will find it under the “Status” tab on your home screen. Once in there, you’ll notice two new buttons floating in the bottom right corner. One has a pencil icon and another has a camera icon. Where the former is for creating text status, the latter is meant for the normal status. In short, the addition of this new feature has not had any effect on the usual status feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp beta emoji

To create a new text status, tap the pencil icon and start entering your text. You’ll notice three icons popping up at the bottom left corner. To add an emoji, tap the emoji icon. To change the background appearance, tap the color palette icon and to change the text font, tap the T (text) icon. When done with editing, hit the green button floating at the bottom right corner and your text status will go live.

Just like the other WhatsApp status, this new text status will also disappear after 24 hours. Do keep in mind that the stable version of the app has not received this feature yet, but if you want to get into the game, you can either become a beta tester or get the APK version, which must be installed manually.

Even though this feature is not yet available on Windows Phone, the platform has also received a feature that Android users don’t have just yet. If you sent someone nasty texts last night after drowning a few beers, you can now delete them thanks to the latest WhatsApp v2.17.246.0 for Windows.

whatsapp beta windows

Like the latest version for Android, this one is also in beta. The update renames the famous Recall feature to a much better name – Delete for everyone. When you want to delete a message, you’ll be asked whether you only want it deleted on your device (Delete for me) or on all devices that also received it (Delete for everyone).This discovery was made by WABetainfo, who also says there’s no other significant change this version has brought.

With this feature, WhatsApp will join a host of apps that already allow users to delete sent messages, but of course, it won’t be possible to delete them if the recipient had already opened them. This beta version of WhatsApp for Windows can be downloaded via the Windows Store for free.