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We already talked about Android O, latest version of Android. Google already released it to all the Pixel and Nexus branded smartphones.
However, during the event, the Mountain View company didn’t talk about any new smartphone. This means that the next Google Pixel devices will come in the next months with a dedicated event. Alongside with those, there is the chance that Google will present a new product: a smallest Google Home accessory that could be configured with the classical speaker already available on the market, and a new Chromebook Pixel, the high level laptop capable to work completely “on the cloud”.

A New Chromebook Pixel

chromebook pixel 2015

According to some rumors, Google will launch a new Chromebook Pixel, which will be the first since the one released on 2015.
At this time, there is any specifications for the laptop, but it should be a device that Google made out of its Project Bison. However, while Bison was something intended to run the “famous” Andromeda, this new Chromebook will run ChromeOS. Project Bison was intended to compete with Apple’s MacBook and Microsoft Surface laptop. According to AndroidPolice, Bison specs would have been:

  • 12.3″ screen
  • 32 or 128 GB of storage
  • 8 or 16 GB of RAM
  • Wacom stylus sold separately

Google already planned to sold Bison starting at $799. It look possible that Bison evolved into a device with codename “Eve”, already present in Chromium’s code.

This would meen that Google would launch really an high-level laptop, that could be extremely helpful for those already working without a “fixed dock”, and needing of mobility. All of this with a ChromeOS which is growing faster, especially thanks to the USA market. In fact, many students are chosing the Google branded computers to accomplish their tasks.

Google Home Mini

google home

The second rumored product is a new, different version of Google Home. This one, as you probably already now, is a WiFi speaker that also works as a smarthome control center and an assistant, capable to playback entertainment throughout the entire home, manage tasks and interconnect with Google to ask for information.

This new Home speaker will be a miniaturized version of the “original” once. Google Home mini should be the Google response to the popularity of Amazon Echo Dot.
So, it would be possible to just use it as its bigger version, but in tiny dimensions. Although there is any information about the price, it is possible to guess something. At the time we write, Google Home is priced at $129 with Amazon Echo Dot at $49.99, so we think that Home mini should be priced more similar to Echo Dot.

With the event scheduled for October we will know everything directly from Google.