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If you are a keen follower of Neurogadget, this shouldn’t be the first time you are coming across the term GBWhatsApp.

For the uninitiated, GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp. It has all the features the original version offers, be it messaging or calling services. However, this unofficial version of the Facebook-owned app has much more to offer. In fact, it seems as if Facebook has been looking to the modded versions – including WhatsApp Plus – for inspiration on some features that have been coming in lately, which brings us to the main subject of the article – the top 5 GBWhatsApp features that are not available on the standard version.

GB whatsapp apk

Send up to 90 photos at once instead of 30 on WhatsApp

Not so long ago, WhatsApp only supported sending a maximum of 10 photos at once. At the time, GBWhatsApp users were able to send up to 90 photos at once, which is still the case as at the time of this writing. However, you can add up to 30 photos in one message and share at once, which is still short of what the clone version offers.

So, if you’ve had a busy summer and took lots of photos that you want to share with friends on WhatsApp, you may want to get the GBWhatsApp APK download instead, which is also free and has no ads, just like the original version.

Hide second tick on messages

When the blue ticks were introduced, they received mixed reactions. Some people were happy about them, others weren’t. In order to ensure that these ticks were in users’ control, WhatsApp introduced a setting that allows one to hide these ticks, meaning that those who send you messages will not be able to tell if you’ve read their messages or not. However, they’ll still see that the message has indeed been delivered to your device – the double (gray) ticks.

Gb whatsapp blue ticks seenNow, with GBWhatsApp, you can do all that and a little more. In fact, WhatsApp followed in the footsteps of the clone with respect to this read receipts feature, but it still fails short. The modded version lets you to hide the second (gray) tick, meaning that the message will only have a single tick.

With a single tick, the sender of the message will think that the information never reached your device while in actual sense, you’ve even read it.

Hide when typing a message

According to WhatsApp, there’s no way one can hide when online or typing a message. However, folks at GBWhatsApp are smarter. With this app, you can hide the “typing a message….” notification when replying to a message in a conversation. Cool huh!

Stay online for 24 hours

While it’s possible to hide your online as well as last seen status on both apps, GBWhatsApp takes this to the next level. Rather than hide your status, you can as well choose to play a trick, where your status will always be online, even if you are not.

Gbwhatsapp passcode

This should be a cool stunt to pull on your friends, but be careful with it because it consumes more battery to keep the mod active throughout the day.

Add a passcode to your messages

Even though many people have a locked screen on their phones, there are those who go the extra mile of adding more passcodes to apps if given chance. GBWhatsApp has this feature for you, where you can add a lock to your chats and keep them safe from prying eyes. On the standard WhatsApp, you need to install a third party app in order to accomplish this.

With this feature, you can freely give your sneaky friend your unlocked phone to check something on Google without getting worried that they might check out some of your conversations on WhatsApp.

What other GBWhatsApp features are you enjoying that aren’t available on WhatsApp? Let us know in your comments below.