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In recent days, there has been a lot of attention drawn to leaked photos of what is being called the Red Hydrogen One smartphone.

Red is a company that has made a name for itself in the cinema camera industry and is now dabbling in the smartphone industry with this new phone. There are certain aspects of the phone that strike you, but the most shocking is the price tag. This phone is going for a whopping $1,200.  Here is a quick look at some of the proposed features that warrant such a high price for the phone.

The Display

The display will be 5.7 inches in sizes and the company promises that it will be a unique screen design. The resolution has not yet been leaked, but it will have the ability to show 3D holographic content.

The 3D holographic display will be different from others that have been tried in the past. Due to their multi-view technology, the 3D content will be sharp and will not bleed as has been seen in the past. The screen will allow users to switch from the normal 2D content to 3D content and games within both landscape and portrait orientations.

For this kind of 3D technology to work, it will need to have eye-tracking ability, so the device knows which angle you are looking at it from. This will be possible thanks to their proposed nano-coated display.

RED phone 3D

The Camera

The Red Hydrogen One will have the usual front and rear cameras but the resolution and sensor size are not known. The device will have a modular design which will allow you to connect other cameras for high resolution stills and videos, but the interior camera might just be like that found on any other high-end smartphone.

RED phone cam

The Operating System

Not much is known about the operating system that the device will use, but speculations are rife that it will run on Android. Others say that they may come up with their own OS just like Apple has, capable of handling the high-end features that the phone will be having.

The Design

There is a lot of controversy about the design of the phone. It is said to look more like a camera than a phone. RED has shown that the phone will have a rugged design, more suited to film cameras and not phones. The proposed modules include hand-held grips, shutter controls, and so many others that you would look for in a camera and not a phone.

RED phone aluminum

The Pricing

Customers have been able to make pre-orders for quite a while now. The aluminum version of the phone will cost about $1,195 and the titanium model will cost $1,595. For a smartphone, this seems to be too high, but the phone seems to be very much advanced from other Smartphones of the last decade.

RED phone price and design

Updates show that the device will be sold by a major global carrier, and orders will start arriving within the first 3 months of 2018. The ability to make a pre-order will soon be stopped and customers will have to wait buy the devices at launch. The challenges associated with manufacturing a device of this caliber may cause delays in the delivery of the pre-ordered phones.


Looking at the phone design and the features highly promoted about the phone, it would seem that RED is trying to draw amateur and professional filmmakers from the normal smartphone camera setup.

RED phone camera

They are putting a lot of emphasis on the creation of visual content and how it will be displayed on the Hydrogen One.

Although there are fears of delayed deliveries due to the high-tech nature of the device, design and integration is far underway and this may balance out in the end to facilitate timely deliveries.

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