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This week, the Nokia 8 was unveiled by Finnish company HMD Global at an event in London and there’s no doubt this is a great piece of hardware.

The phone is expected to start selling in early September, but the global release should take some time. There are reports that the Nokia 8 might not be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, but it should make it at some point. Perhaps the company wants to monitor the phone’s performance before making a move for the best smartphone market across the globe.

It happened with the Nokia 6, a phone that was first released in January, but it had to wait until July to hit the American market. That’s half a year, which is probably why similar reports are surfacing with respect to the Nokia 8. But who knows, HMD might be lining up a surprise for the phone to come in earlier than expected. In short, your guess is as good as ours.


Or maybe it’s because HMD Global has other plans for the U.S. market – a market that is increasingly growing fond of phablets. According to Russian news outlet 4PDA, which spoke to the company’s officials during the Nokia 8 launch event, there are plans for another Nokia phone that is said to come with a larger display than the recently released model.

It’s true the Nokia 8 has some of the best hardware specs and features in the smartphone world, but it’s not the biggest phone you’ll find around. It has a 5.3-inch display screen – a size that some will be quick to term as compact. A few years ago, this was the biggest screen size on the market, but we have smartphones with massive 6.4 inches and more coming, including the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

samsung galaxy note 8 display

People are more inclined towards big screen phones, but it doesn’t mean lovers of small screens aren’t there at all. Nokia is playing a smart game here and it’s possible that the bigger display model, perhaps the Nokia 9, will still carry the same specs and features, but amp some of them, including the RAM, storage and battery capacity.

So, while the U.S. is not getting the Nokia 8 anytime soon, it might be worth it. The HMD officials did not mention anything with respect to the date that this bigger Nokia phone will be released, but since the company is also not in a hurry to push the Nokia 8 into the U.S. market, it might just be a perfect timing. Nokia might also be looking at the possibility of coming in between the release of the iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 family, which shouldn’t be a bad time to strike.

Nokia 8 dual lens

With many companies in the high-end market opting for new, flashy smartphone designs, including going bezel-less, Neil Broadley, HMD’s Global Marketing Manager, said the company still doesn’t see the need for such technology on its phones. According to Broadley, this is not an inside decision made by the company, rather, it’s based on the feedback they’ve collected from consumers ahead of the launch of the Nokia 8.

So, even though the said Nokia phone has no official release date, at least we know that there’s a new phone in the making – one that will be bigger and possibly better than the Nokia 8. Seeing what the Nokia 8 has on the inside, among them a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, a 3090mAh battery and Carl Zeiss-powered cameras (13MP dual on the back and 13MP selfie), the bigger model should be even better.

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