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In less than seven days, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be announced at an event in New York City and made available for purchase the following day.

We all know what happened with last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and despite the fact that the South Korean tech giant has refurbished the phone and re-released it under the moniker Samsung Galaxy Note FE, the market is still under the illusion that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be here to replace the 2015 .

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released, it had barely lasted a month on the market before the company issued the first recall. After resuming sales, things got even worse, forcing Samsung to completely discontinue the phone, meaning that some markets never even got the chance to get the faulty version. These are the markets that are adamant that the Galaxy Note 8 will be taking the place of the Note 5 and not the Note 7.

Due to this long wait, Samsung is reportedly making sure that it doesn’t disappoint the many eager fans waiting for the Galaxy Note 8. However, in order for this phone to achieve the best success in the market, it needs a much wider appeal to the general public from all over the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display

Looking at what has been trending in rumor mills, there’s no doubt that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the full potential to succeed. But to ensure things are perfect, here are the three major areas that Samsung needs to make the Note 8 another success story, just like it’s happening with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Massive raw power

One thing that has made the Galaxy Note series very successful is the amount of raw power and features the phones have always carried. This year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 won’t be anything different. We’ve heard talk of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 SoC and 6GB RAM, specs that are rare to come by so far.

Like last year’s Note 7, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have 64GB of internal storage on the base model, but power users will be happy that the phone also gets a microSD card slot, something the Galaxy Note 5 did not offer.

Dual-SIM variant in Europe

Being a device that targets the enterprise market, the talk of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shipping with a dual-SIM variant for the European market should be another major selling point. Speaking of Europe, fans around here will be happy to know that after years of waiting, they’ll finally get a Galaxy Note phone from local shops. The Galaxy Note 5 was never sold in Europe while the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued before reaching the region.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pen

S Pen

The unique S Pen is another selling point here, a feature that separates the Note family from the rest of Galaxy and Android devices. Using the Pen, you can take notes as well as enjoy a bunch of other productivity-focused functionalities baked into Samsung Experience.

Sheer size

Another aspect of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that will ensure the phone is a success is the sheer size. With a massive 6.4-inch display screen, the Note 8 is slightly bigger than the Galaxy S8+ in terms of display real estate. However, due to the slight decrement in the size of bezels, you end up with a device that feels almost the same size as the S8+.

Due to the growing love for phablets, such a massive screen size in a rather compact body will mean the Galaxy Note 8 ends up as the possible destination for many fans.

Dual camera

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have some of the best cameras on the planet, but the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will take this to the next level with a dual-lens camera. Believed to carry a 12MP+13MP camera setup, the Note 8 is expected to become one of the best – if not the best – in terms of smartphone photography.

samsung galaxy note 8 dual camera

Timing of release

Another aspect – which is obviously not a feature – that will help shape the success of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the timing of the release. As noted earlier, the company will unveil the phone next week and according to some sections, it will start selling in the U.S. the following day, August 24.

There are a number of companies that are competing for the same space during this H2 2017. So far, the likes of Moto Z2 Force and Nokia 8 have already been confirmed, but none of these is sailing in the same boat as the Galaxy Note 8. The closest rival of the phone is the LG V30 and possibly the Apple iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2 XL. As it is, Samsung will lead these OEMs by releasing the Galaxy Note 8 next week, which means it gets more time to appeal to the customers before any of its competition gets the same chance.

In short, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available for purchase while iPhone 8 fans will still be struggling with pre-orders. And if the company plays its cards well, the Note 8 can easily emerge as the top phone this 2017.

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