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WhatsApp is a great app, but it’s not the only app of its kind you’ll find on the market. Many companies are into the same business, which means the app faces competition from all angles.

Besides the usual competition from the likes of Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WeChat and LINE Messenger, WhatsApp is also fighting against its clones. One such close that is causing the Facebook-owned app some problems is GBWhatsApp. As you can see from the name, this version is based on the original version.

GBWhatsApp has all the features you find on the original version. But it makes things sweeter by improving some of these features while at the same time adding better ones. The end result is an app that gives you everything you want from WhatsApp and adds sugar on top. Interestingly, it’s a free app, just like the original version, but you won’t find it in the Google Play Store.


GBWhatsApp-exclusive features

As noted, the latest GBWhatsApp APK download is based on WhatsApp, but the app has extra hidden features on top of what the original brings. For instance, you can now schedule messages right from within the app. Rather than download a third-party app like Scheduler for WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp has an inbuilt message scheduler.

The amount of emojis you find on the latest GBWhatsApp APK download are more than what the original version offers. For those who don’t like anything to do with the ticks, this app has a nifty feature you’ll probably like. Since the second tick usually confirms that the message has been delivered to the device in question, this clone app allows you to not only hide the blue ticks, but also hide the second tick. This means that you’ll be able to receive a message, read it and the sender’s device is still showing a single tick.

For a while now, WhatsApp users have been able to see when the person on the other side is typing. If this is not your thing, GBWhatsApp lets you hide this notification whenever you are typing a message. It gets even better for those in groups. Unlike the original version where a group name is limited to 25 characters, this clone version allows up to 35 characters. The latest GBWhatsApp APK download has also added the ability to hide chats as well as save your status.

GBWhatsApp features

Still on the status update, the original version lets you use up to 139 characters when crafting your status, but the clone version supports up to 255 characters. It is also possible to change themes via the theme option. If the themes available are not good to you, feel free to come up with yours and share it with the GBWhatsApp team.

If you feel like pranking your friends into thinking that you are always online, the latest GBWhatsApp APK download has your back. The app has a mod to stay online for the entire day, but this will consume a huge chunk of your battery juice. For those with friends who just can’t stop poking into your business, GBWhatsApp has an inbuilt lock system that lets you protect your conversations without the need of a third party app.

WhatsApp users can post a status message on their profile and it’s normal for you to like someone else’s status. Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you can react to this status, WhatsApp only allows you to see it. If you wished to copy and paste this same status to your profile, you either memorize it or write it down somewhere before you transfer it to your account. But with GBWhatsApp, this hassle is no more. You can now copy this status on your clipboard and simply paste it on your profile. Cool huh!

Sending broadcast messages is one of the best features on WhatsApp, but GBWhatsApp beats it by supporting up to 600 people in a single broadcast message as opposed to the former’s 256.

In order to download and install it, you’ll have to go the APK way. It’s easy, so don’t freak out, but first you’ll have to tweak your phone’s security settings and toggle the “Unknown sources” option on. Once done, hit this link that will lead you to a GBWhatsApp APK download page. The file size is about 35MB and gives you version 5.80, which is based on version 2.17.223 of the original WhatsApp. This means that up to and including all updates and features that the original version received with the update to v2.17.223, however, the current version of WhatsApp is v2.17.296.

The reason the latest GBWhatsApp APK download version is still trailing the original version is because what basically happens is that the developers of the clone app have to sit back and see whatever WhatsApp brings in as new features before they can embark on updating GBWhatsApp to include the new features. This is understandable given that the app is free of charge. Still, these features eventually make it to this clone.

Installing and setting up GBWhatsApp is similar to the original version. You’ll need to provide your phone number and an SMS will be sent to you with a verification code. The app will also ask you to set a user name and once done, it populates a contacts list based on what you have on your phone. It gets even better because you don’t need to start luring your friends into using the app. As long as their numbers are already part of the original version, you can chat with them as usual using the clone app.

GBWhatsApp andriod

This GBWhatsApp APK download will work on any phone that has Android 4 and above. You don’t need a rooted phone in order to enjoy it. Also, the app can be installed on the same phone alongside the standard WhatsApp version and the two will work without any issues.

In case you install both apps, GBWhatsApp has a feature that lets you change the color of the app icon as well as the notification icon. This feature should be helpful to those who have dual SIM phones and have installed both apps, with each version assigned to a different SIM card or rather phone number.