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Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled this September, with some sections claiming that Tuesday 12th is the day.

Up to now, Apple has not mentioned a thing regarding the expected release of the iPhone 8, but we already have a lot of details regarding what this phone will be coming in with. Whether it’s the design, the specs, features and even the price, rumors and speculations are all over with respect this flagship phone.

Lots of images have been leaked with claims that they represent the upcoming iPhone 8. While this cannot be confirmed in any way, the sources behind them have years of experience in what they do, which makes it possible that they are all – if not most – true. Of course, we’ll only find out the exact details when the phone possibly makes its debut next month.iphone-8

The leaked iPhone 8 images have been making headlines thanks to the fact that they show off something new for Apple fans. The phone has an exquisite design that follows the traditions of Samsung, ditching a huge chunk of the bezels in favor of a bigger display screen. Due to the reduced bezel sizes, the overall body of the phone remains as compact as possible, yet housing a display screen believed to be 5.8 inches in size.

While this will be a welcome for many out there, the fact that the design change came at the expense of the Touch ID will still be a problem for some. Over the years, the iPhone Touch ID has been one of the best features when it comes to security and privacy of the phone. But as it appears, the upcoming iPhone 8 might ditch this feature in favor of something else – facial recognition.

iphone 8 facial

It’s not the first time that rumors of the possibility of facial recognition appearing on the iPhone 8 are showing up. In fact, it’s not the first time that we’ll probably be seeing this facial recognition feature on phones. It already exists on , a phone that the iPhone 8 is drawing inspiration from with respect to the design language. However, it emerged that the S8’s version can easily be tricked by 2D images, which suggests that OEMs are probably not ready for this technology.

Apple is no ordinary OEM and we all know how good the company is when it comes to implementing new technologies. If the iPhone 8 is indeed going to come with this feature, you can expect much better performance than what you get on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

But as if you thought the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the only ones offering this feature, well, you are in for a surprise. Apparently, Qualcomm says that by the time 2018 is around, many Android OEMs will be able to easily incorporate the same facial recognition feature as the Apple flagship.


The American company specializes in chipset making and so far, some of its chipsets have some form of image signal processing and depth sensing technology. However, the company is adamant that the next-gen Snapdragon processors will be able to do more, introducing features such as mapping, object reconstruction and facial recognition. One problem though, is that even if Qualcomm elects to have the support for facial recognition embedded into all or most Snapdragon chipsets, the decision on whether to include the feature in phones will still rest with the OEM.

For years now, Apple has been the benchmark company for many smartphone OEMs. If the iPhone 8 successfully implements the facial recognition feature, it won’t be long before the same feature starts appearing on major Android phones.